Universalist Women’s Mission Circle – Meeting Minutes, Sep 13, 1897 (Woman’s National Centenary Association)

September 13, 1897

The monthly meeting of the Mission Circle met at the Good Templars Hall, our place of worship.

Our President, Mrs. Cottingham presiding.

The usual exercise of music and scripture reading opening the meeting.

Roll call answered by the following ladies: Mesdames Beck, Blackman, Cottingham, McCutcheon, Gill, Jones, and Hallam.

Five visitors present: Mrs. Childs, Mrs. Burns, Mrs. J. C. Buchanan, Mrs. Field and Mrs. Clayton. The two latter ladies presenting their names for membership. Ladies will take formal action on their names at next meeting.

Report of Committees

Benevolence Committee reported all those ill at last meeting recovered. Mrs. McGlauflin being too ill to meet with us today. No one else known to be sick.

Hospitality Committee – Mrs. Hallam reports a call made on strangers, which were well received.

Flower Committee – Mrs. Blackman asks to have Miss Carla King’s name added to the committee, which was done with pleasure.

Literature Committee – no report.

Treasurer reports amounts collected to-date from Experience Social – $31.00. Same amount paid on our pledge of $50.00.

New Business

Mrs. McCutcheon reports a letter from Mrs. E.L. Sherwood, Correspondence Secretary of the Woman’s National Centenary Association including cards for distribution and asking for information regarding our State organization. As we are not organized as a State only local mission, a motion was made requesting Secretary to answer letter giving full particulars of our work here. Also to enclose the $.25 for cards to cover expense of publishing and postage.

We are informed by the National Mission of an important amendment to Article XI, U.C.A. Constitution (Archivist: Universalist Church of America) – regarding necessary delegates to annual convention “same shall consist of officers of Executive Board of National Society, President of unorganized States. Presidents and Secretaries of State Missionary Societies with one delegate from every nine members of any circle from each state.”

Motion made by Mrs. Hallam to have another Experience Social to raise the balance of pledge. Said meeting to be held in November in place of regular business. Motion carried.

A committee of three consisting of Mrs. Hallam, Mrs. Gill and Mrs. Clayton appointed to arrange for the evening’s entertainment. Place for holding same to be our Hall if advisable.

Motion made to have Secretary write to Mrs. McGlauflin expressing the love and sympathy of the ladies during her illness and their regrets at her inability to meet with them today – carried.

Next meeting to be at Mrs. Jones.

After a song by the Ladies, we were adjourned to listen to Dr. McGlauflin, who gave us a brief historical sketch of the Mission Society and the power we should be in the world.

The Society was formed in 1869 the first National Centenary Mission Aid. Mrs. Mary Livermore and Mrs. Thomas (Archivist: assume reference to M. Louise Thomas), were among the first to organize for the purpose of raising $100,000 for a general mission fund to aid Universalists ministers.

The fund is now $300,000 or $400,000 proving the strength of the Society.

Clara Barton is a Universalist and a member of this society and the world knows the good she does. Universalist church society was the first to allow ladies to preach.

In 1811, Maria Clark the first women to appear before the public was ordained at a general convention.

Dr. McGlauflin suggested the following thoughts:

We are organized to be a religious power and should fill our thoughts more on such things by being original in prayer and expressions.

To make an effort to meet on time and being our exercise if only a few are present.

Attend to business strictly.

To centralize our power and do all we can to enlarge our church membership.

At the close of Dr’s (Archivist: Dr. Rev. McGlauflin) very interesting remarks, our president thanked him for the helpful words and herself added an interesting talk on power from small beginnings and their growth by steady sacrifice.

A suggestion from Mrs. Hallam asking that the topic cards be distributed and all come prepared to say something on the subject. Also that at the close of this fruitful meeting each member speak a few words of prayer.

Mrs. A.L. Blackman, Secretary


Mrs. McGlauflin died September 19, 1897.

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 60   Folder: 02
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA