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April 19, 1910 - Universalist Bond Memorial Fund

The Bond Memorial The First Universalist Church of Atlanta, Ga., presents to you a very attractive and business-like proposition. It is an opportunity to accomplish a double benefit for the cause which is dear to us all. On Dec. 23,

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July 28, 1908 - Report by Dr. Ellenwood Report State of Universalist Church in Atlanta, Jul 1908

Report of the First Universalist Church of Atlanta, Ga. Rev. Everett Dean Ellenwood—For Board of Trustees We extend to the members of this Convention our hearty greetings, and desire at this time to express our genuine gratitude for your prompt

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July 30, 1907 - Report by Dr. Ellenwood Report State of Universalist Church in Atlanta, Jul 1907

REPORT OF THE ATLANTA MISSIONARY Rev. E. Dean Ellenwood To the Board of Trustees of the National Young People’s Christian Union: The Board of Trustees of the First Universalist Church of Atlanta, represented in this convention by their pastor, beg

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August 1, 1905 - Report on the Universalist Church of Atlanta, Aug 1905

Report from Atlanta By Mr. J. C. Bond. For the Trustees To the members of the Sixteenth Annual Convention of the Y. P. C. U, of the Universalist Church: Dear Fellow Workers: The Board of Trustees of the Church at

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April 18, 1905 - Rev. Clarence Harris Resigns from Atlanta Universalist Church

Resignation of the Atlanta Pastor The Rev. Clarence J. Harris who for one year served as missionary at Atlanta has accepted a call from the State Convention of Pennsylvania, at the solicitation of the General Convention, to be pastor of

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February 14, 1903 - Report by Dr. McGlauflin Report State of Universalist Church in Atlanta, Feb 1903

The readers of ONWARD may be glad to have a word from Atlanta. As the church has recently held its annual meeting, received reports from the various auxiliary bodies and elected officers for the new year, it is a convenient

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April 7, 1900 - Background on Building Universalist Church in Atlanta

Excerpt from Letter from the Southern Missionary, Tennessee Division. Atlanta—The Annual Church Meeting It was held on January 17th. The attendance was larger than at any previous assembly of the kind, and the reports from all departments, which were formally

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February 3, 1900 - Universalist Executive Board Funds Building of Atlanta Church

MEETING OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD A meeting of the General Executive Board was held at the Publishing House, 80 West St, Boston, Jan. 19 and 20, 1900 all the members being present. After the opening prayer by Rev. Alfred J.

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October 15, 1897 - Background on Life and Death of Lucy Sibley McGlauflin

MRS. MCGLAUFLIN. Of mournful yet preciously sacred interest is everything relating to Mrs. McGlauflin. Following is a brief sketch of her life, taken from the paper published at her childhood’s home, Cuba, N.Y.: — “Mrs. W. H. McGlauflin, better known

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October 1, 1897 - Wife of Universalist Pastor Dies – Lucy Sibley McGlauflin

LUCY SIBLEY McGLAUFLIN. “There is no death! The choicest gifts That Heaven bath kindly lent to earth; Are ever first to seek again The country of their birth. And ever near us though unseen, The dear immortal spirits tread; For

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