Universalist Bond Memorial Fund

The Bond Memorial

The First Universalist Church of Atlanta, Ga., presents to you a very attractive and business-like proposition. It is an opportunity to accomplish a double benefit for the cause which is dear to us all.

On Dec. 23, 1908, there passed to the higher life a member of this church who was one of the most thoroughly consecrated and wisely effective laymen our denomination has ever possessed—a Christlike soul of gentle manliness, whose unselfish devotion to the cause of the Universalist church, in sickness and in health, made of his life an influence which must ever abide. He was for several years the president of the Georgia Universalist Convention, and was always much interested in the work of the National Y. P. C. U., serving at one time on the National Executive Board of that body.

Believing that the Universalist denomination should honor itself by fitly commemorating this life, the Atlanta church, with the approval and cooperation of the National Y. P. C. U. (Archivist Note: Young People’s Christian Union), has undertaken the establishment of a living memorial through which the faith and life of this member of our fellowship shall still speak and work among us.

“The J. C. Bond Memorial Fund” in memory of the late J. Clarence Bond of Atlanta, is being raised by popular subscription among our Universalist people everywhere. This fund is first to be used for the completion of the Atlanta church, one of Mr. Bond’s most earnest desires, and is then to be repaid, by this church, to the National Y. P. C. U., to be there held in trust as a fund to be loaned to other churches in need of assistance in building operations. Thus it will be seen that every dollar subscribed to this fund means eventually many dollars won to the cause of Universalism. This fund is not available for use until at least $1000 has been subscribed and paid in. Advance subscriptions have already been received to the amount of $259.50, of which $96.50 has been paid. Subscriptions to this fund, in amounts of one dollar upward are earnestly solicited from our Universalist members and friends. Subscriptions and remittances should be sent to the pastor, Rev. E. D. Ellenwood, 54 Bedford Place, Atlanta, Ga.

July of this year marks the tenth anniversary of the dedication of the Atlanta church building. Let us raise the J. C. Bond Memorial Fund to $1000 before that time, that we may celebrate the first decade of our church home with the means for its speedy completion at hand. May we not depend on your help in this enterprise? We promise on our part to pay back every dollar our friends give us for this fund.

Earnestly and hopefully yours,

The First Universalist Church of Atlanta

Source:  Onward found in Google Books, Vol. VXII, No. 6,  April 19, 1901 – Page 127 – 128