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June 10, 1997 - History of Unitarians In Atlanta by Rev. Jeff Jones

Trying to characterize one hundred years of the history of any group or organization in a simple sermon is of necessity an impossible task to do accurately and well. But to try to summarize one hundred years of Unitarianism with

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January 1, 1982 - Unitarian Universalists in Atlanta 100 Years

Unitarian Universalists In Atlanta Centennial Issue 1882-1982 Published by the Centennial Anniversary Committee of the Atlanta Area Unitarian Universalist Congregations Feriel Feldman Chair   ©1982 Centennial Anniversary Committee of the Atlanta Area Unitarian Universalist Congregations Jo Graham Stern Editor Click here

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October 20, 1978 - MARTA Commissioned Historical Report on West Peachtree Street Church before Demolition

October 20, 1978 Mr. Richard Stanger Urban Design Section Planning and Marketing Division MARTA 401 West Peachtree St., N.W. Atlanta, GA 30308 Dear Mr. Stanger: Enclosed herewith is the historical narrative with photographs of The Abbey (The Atlanta Unitarian Church,

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April 18, 1966 - Unitarian Church in Atlanta, 1882-1908

Early in 1882, George Leonard Chaney, late of a Boston pastorate, arrived in Atlanta to test the possibility of resuscitating Southern Unitarianism. Following the Civil War, only the churches at Charleston, South Carolina and New Orleans survived, but by 1884 even these had disappeared; elsewhere, slavery, before the outbreak of hostilities, had tended to discourage substantial activity by liberal religionists.

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February 1, 1934 - History of Universalism in Atlanta 1879 to 1934

HISTORY OF UNIVERSALISM IN ATLANTA, GA 1879 to 1934 The Universalist Church organization took place in 1879 under the leadership of Rev. W. C Bowman., who also started a church paper called The Universalist. In 1880, Rev. D. B. Clayton,

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January 1, 1923 - Listing of Church Services Conducted in Atlanta 1879 to 1923

The table below contains an inventory of Universalists and Unitarian services conducted in Atlanta from 1879 to 1923.  The information was obtained by reviewing newspapers covered in this time span and extract church service information.  This inventory many not be

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January 1, 1902 - Atlanta and Its Builders: A Comprehensive History of the Gate City of the South – 1902

UNITARIAN First Unitarian Church of Atlanta (The Church of Our Father, Unitarian) was organized in the spring of 1883 in an upper room of the old Kimball House by Rev. George Leonard Chaney and ten others. Mr. Chaney had held

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January 1, 1896 - Rev. William Clayton Bowman – Background

Archivist Note: Below are two paragraphs from a larger document, full text presented afterwards, that summarizes the Rev. Bowman’s involvement in bring the Universalist faith to Atlanta in the late 1800’s. Start of document insert . . . “Reasoning as to

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May 18, 1892 - Report of Rev. George Leonard Chaney, Southern Superintendent, 1891-92

SIXTY-SIXTH ANNIVERSARY Of THE AMERICAN UNITARIAN ASSOCIATION. The Sixty-seventh Annual Meeting of the American Unitarian Association 1892. Report of Rev. George Leonard Chaney, Southern Superintendent, 1891-92. To strengthen the churches that remained at the South, and so far as possible,

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November 1, 1891 - The New South – Atlanta (New England Magazine)

The evolution of a city is not altogether determined by natural selection. Human selection has something to do with it. But nature has her word to say in the matter, and there are notable instances of arrested development in towns and villages which lacked nothing that human wit and intention could give them. In that suggestive book by Charles C. Jones, Jr., entitled The Dead Towns of Georgia, we read of settlements that seemed at the start to have all the promise and potency of civil greatness in them. But they never came to full stature as cities.

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