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September 1, 2003 - Unitarian and Universalist Atlanta History Summary 1879 to 2003

1879 – First Universalist Church had a small congregation in 1879 organized by Reverend W.C. Bowman, but he moved on and Universalism was disappeared for a few years. 1882 – Church of Our Father-Unitarian formed by Rev. George L. Chaney

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January 1, 1982 - Unitarian Universalists in Atlanta 100 Years

Unitarian Universalists In Atlanta Centennial Issue 1882-1982 Published by the Centennial Anniversary Committee of the Atlanta Area¬†Unitarian Universalist Congregations Feriel Feldman Chair   ¬©1982 Centennial Anniversary Committee of the Atlanta Area Unitarian Universalist Congregations Jo Graham Stern Editor Click here

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