Rev. Chaney Preaches in Florida/Owns Land


Rev. Matthew R. Scott, who returned to England in February on leave of absence from the First Unitarian Church of Vancouver, B.C., has been advised by his physician that he must rest for at least a year. Mr. Scott has decided that it will not be possible for him to consider returning to Vancouver. The congregation in Vancouver are looking forward to the completion of their church building and the reopening of their church services. The building is progressing and may be finished early in the summer.

During the absence of Rev. Francis M. McHale, the minister of the Georgia-Florida circuit, at the anniversary meetings in Boston, the circuit received a visit from Rev. George L. Chaney, who preached the first Unitarian sermon in the State of Florida. He organized the church at Atlanta, Ga., and while ministering there made a trip down the Apalachicola River, stopping several days at Bristol, Fla. While there, he preached in the courthouse. He is the owner of a tract of land in Liberty County, Florida, and came to see it. He was a welcome visitor.

Source: The Christian Register found in Google Books, Vol. 92, No. 25, Jun 19, 1913, Page: 22 (598)

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