Universalist Women’s Mission Circle – Meeting Minutes, Aug 9, 1897 (Funds Raised)

August 9, 1897

The Mission Circle held their regular meeting at the residence of Mrs. Hallam on Pine Street.

In the absence of the President and Vice President, Mrs. Hallam was appointed to preside and opened the meeting with the usual devotional services.

Roll call was responded to by the following members: Mrs. Blackman, Mrs. McGlauflin, Mrs. Hallam, Mrs. Ferris.

Secretary minutes for May 10th and June 14th were read (on account of illness of Secretary, no report for those meeting had been sent).

In the absence of Mrs. Gill, Treasurer and Mrs. Beck acting Treasurer, no report was given.

The regular meeting of the Circle on July 12th at the residence of Mrs. W.S. Cottingham being entirely a social affair, no formal business was transacted and no reports made.

The Benevolent Committee reports Mrs. Ickes and Mrs. Fincher, Mrs. Hutchins and Mrs. Daniel are ill.

Hospitality Committee reports calls made and special care in greeting and introducing strangers in the church.

Flower Committee reported that there had been no expense in decorating the church. It was suggested that all the ladies make an effort now that flowers were not so plentiful to bring them and so make the church as pretty and attractive as possible.

Mrs. McGlauflin reported $1.00 added to Experience Social by Mrs. Ickes which was paid over to Secretary. Also that $1.50 more had been added since the social, that in all $30.00 had been paid over to the Church fund not including the $1.00 from Mrs. Ickes.

Mrs. Strahan, 63 Alexander Street, met with us as a visitor, but untied with the Circle. We are glad to welcome her.

Dues were paid as follows:

  • Hallam $.10
  • McGlauflin $.10 and a rectified bill of $.10
  • Strahan $.50
  • Ferris $.25
  • Ferris $.15

Total $.90

On account of her removal from the city, Mrs. Ferris handed in her resignation as Secretary and from the several committees of which she was a part. Resignation accepted with kind expressions of regret from the ladies.

Mrs. Blackman was then unanimously elected Secretary.

Papers were read which had been sent us by the Woman’s Centenary Association and were kept for future reference.

Mrs. Blackman and Mrs. McGlauflin were appointed a committee to arrange the program, topic and place September meeting.


Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 60   Folder: 02
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA
Archivist Note: Woman’s Centenary Association was initially conceived to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of Rev. John Murray (English) preaching a Universalist message in Murray Grove, New Jersey at a chapel built by Thomas Potter in 1770.

In 1869 Universalist women created the Women’s Centenary Aid Association (WCAA, 1869 – 1871). This group went through various reincarnations as the Women’s Centenary Association (WCA 1871 – 1905), the Women’s National Missionary Association (WNMA, 1905 – 1939) before consolidating with it Unitarian counterpart as the Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation (UUWF) in 1963.

The Women’s Centenary Aid Association was formed a body of women independent of the national General Conference where Universalist men controlled the coffers and agenda of the organization.

Goals of the organization:

  • Subsidize pauperized parishes
  • Foster Sunday Schools
  • Help worthy students especially women to prepare for the ministry
  • Relieve the needs of disabled preachers, ministers’ wives and orphans
  • Distribute denominational literature
  • Practice what Universalists preach through mission projects at home and abroad

Source: Encyclopedia of Women and Religion in North America: Women and Religion found in Google Books,  page 388