Northwest – Letter, Bob Karnan to Roger Comstock Northwest Endorses Purchase of Camp (Jun 6, 1979)

Robert W. Karnan, Minister
1025 Mt. Vernon Highway, N.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30327

June 6, 1979

Mr. Roger Comstock
979 Springdale Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30306

Dear Roger:

This is a letter of endorsement for the southeast camp and conference center effort. For three years running the annual meeting of the Mid-South District voted unanimously to seek the development of such a place. I am delighted that SUUSI has moved so carefully
and thoughtfully ahead in this matter.

As a professional in liberal religious leadership, and as one with eighteen years experience with UU summer camps and conference centers, I am encouraged that the UUs of the southeast might soon enjoy the resource of such a place. As our region has grown in UU membership and emerged as an active and vibrant corner of American UUism, so too are we looking in a timely fashion toward the appropriate creation of institutional resources to provide a framework for our area UU programming. I think this camp and conference center can be such a place.


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BK:js – Bob Karnan