Letter – Thomas Greenspan to Roger Comstock Support for Camp Purchase (Jun 5, 1979)

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Roger Comstock June 5, 1979
President, SUUSI Board
979 Springdale Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30306

Dear Roger:

Larry Wheeler has informed us that more interest is now being shown in a year-round camp and conference center for the Southeast region of the UUA, with a possible site in North Carolina. As a former active participant in Midsouth District affairs, and as a person who has given such a center much thought and study in the past, I would like to heartily urge that the proposal be given every consideration. It is a magnificent idea, well worth the effort it will take to make it a reality.

There are several reasons for enthusiasm about this project. The Southern districts of the UUA have long contained congregations that have enjoyed sharing with one another and building friendships in a relaxed atmosphere. It is this congeniality, among other things, that has kept UU memberships growing. A conference center would be a perfect way to stimulate more such interaction. Second, the Southern districts sponsor a number of meetings annually, and the distances travelled by those in attendance is not great (compared, say, to our Prairie Star District!). The center would provide a ready location for such meetings. Third, any number of specialized meetings — of ministers, DREs, church leaders, etc., might be more readily attended when pleasant surroundings are to be had with a minimum of local planning for accommodations, etc.

One of our fondest hopes while we were in Birmingham was that a site could be had that could eventually provide camping quarters for youth activities, intergenerational projects, and even summer camp programs. For this latter idea, you will find much support in the Midsouth District. Finally, the Summer Institute, to which those of us who have experienced it are so fiercely loyal, will shortly expand beyond its limits in the present location. Separating an appropriate part of it out for relocation in the proposed center would be a good solution to a tough problem.

I will not rattle on with more reasons, though there are more. Suffice to say that I strongly support the camp and conference center idea, and I hope it will catch on.


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