Universalist Women’s Mission Circle – Meeting Minutes, Dec 10, 1897 (Various Topics)

December 10, 1897

Mission Circle met at Mrs. Hallam’s. President presiding.

The usual devotional exercises were held.

Roll call responded to by the following: Mesdames Beck, Cottingham, Gill, Hallam, Blackman and Strahan.

Dr. McGlauflin gave us a quotation.

Four visitors present: Mrs. B.E. Taylor, Mrs. Billings, Mrs. L.B. Thompson, Mrs. J.W. Snowden.

Minutes of the last meeting read and approved.

Treasurer reports $27.35 on hand. Three dollars handed in on Experience social, $.15 dues. Total $30.50.

Committee Reports.

Hospitality – 7 calls made by Mrs. Hallam.

Flower Committee regrets they had no flowers on deck last week and find it very difficult to always have them, but hope it will not often happen.

Special Committees

Mrs. Beck reports for Mrs. Ickes one handkerchief donated and on bought and sent to Mrs. Lord Woodside, N.H.

Mrs. Hallam reports on apron sale to be held at Harriman (Archivist: Assumed to be reference Harriman, Tennessee. Rev. McGlauflin, current minister of Atlanta church, was previously the minister of the church in Harriman, TN before coming to Atlanta.) and she thought but to send one without counseling the ladies for want of time. She asks our opinion as to sending from the Mission Circle. Motion made and carried to have Mrs. Hallam write a letter to the Harriman ladies to that effect. The apron suit was bought from the Y.P.C.U. (Archivist: Young People’s Christian Union) collection, costing $.75. Motion made and carried to pay that amount from Mission funds.

Secretary writes order of Treasurer to pay Mrs. Ickes $.25 for handkerchief and Mrs. Hallam $.75 for apron.

President reports the ladies of the Executive board decided to have a supper. Mrs. Cottingham and Mrs. Beck were appointed to look for suitable room, they report no success as yet and ask what should be done. Motion made to leave the decision with Executive Board – carried.

Motion made to have President appoint ladies to fill vacancies on committee.

Benevolent – Mrs. Ickes, Miss Clayton.

Literature – Mrs. Strahan, Mrs. Calvin, Mrs. Cottingham

Selection affirmed.

Names of Mrs. L.B. Thompson, Mrs. J.W. Snowden presented to the Circle for membership – all voted to accept them with pleasure.

No further business, the literary program was presented.

Mrs. Beck gave a most interesting paper on Christmas giving. A sketch of the holidays of older times in foreign countries as well as our own and remembrances of her own childhood days.

Mrs. Strahan gave a few remarks contrasting the celebrating of Christmas by the antients (Archivist: antients is an obsolete spelling of ancients) and our own day, rather in favor of the Antients.

She wondered where any improvements had been made in this world of progressives and asked Dr. McGlauflin what he thought about it.

Dr. (Dr. McGlauflin) thought there had been some improvements on the Antients manner of celebrating, but there was plenty of opportunity for improvement especially here in Atlanta where noise and drunkenness seemed to prevail.

Mrs. Strahan said if there were not enough good men to enforce a quiet sacred celebration of Christ’s birth. The woman should be allowed to vote on the subject when she knew we would surely have a quiet Christmas Holiday.

Topic for next meeting – Japan. Mrs. Strahan, Mrs. Gill, Mrs. Hallam to have papers on subject.

Adjourned to meet at Mrs. Cottingham.

Respectfully submitted,

A.L. Blackman, Secretary


Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 60   Folder: 02
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA