Unitarian Church of Atlanta – Report, Jan 11, 1909 (Minister’s Report)

Atlanta, Ga. January 11, 1909.

The Church of Our Father:–

My Dear Brethren: As your minister for the past four months I wish to make the following report and statement. During this period I have visited all the members, getting acquainted with them and many others who are friends of the church. I have preached each Sunday morning, delivering nineteen discourses.

The attendance at the services has steadily increased until now we can count upon a good audience each time with a reasonable degree of certainty. The membership of the church has been increased by eight, and others have become interested in our work who have not yet united with us, but doubtless will do so later.

Your effort to be self-supporting is a commendable, but to succeed will require sacrifice, and you must not expect your minister to make more than his share. Such is my love for the cause, if I could do so, I would gladly serve the church without any remuneration, and just as long as the congregation does its best and shares the sacrifice involved in the effort I will gladly make my part that, we may be self-supporting and independent. The ministerial support should he gradually increased as the financial strength of the church increases, until the salary becomes a proper remuneration for the services rendered and commensurate with the dignity and importance of the position. In this case up to this date the minister has no course for complaint and anticipates none in the future.

The outlook for the prosperity and progress of the cause we love so well is encouraging. Let there be among us no spirit of criticism or fault finding, but only brotherly love. If others do not do to please us, let us smile a smile of cheer and go on about our business.

Let there he absolute harmony among us. We should all be of one accord, which does not mean that we are to have the same opinions and always be one in judgment, but it does mean that we are to have confidence in another.

I am your servant, and purpose to give all of my time and all my strength of mind and heart to the work of spreading Unitarian Christianity in this community and to the building up of this congregation in every possible way.

Financial Report

Statement of Treasurer, Jan 11, 1908

Balance on Hand at Annual Meeting Jan. 1908 $48.02
Collections from all source during the year (local) $1,591.28
Received from the A.U.A. % A.T. Bowser (Archivist: Assume percentage of salary) $500.00
Total Funds $2,139.30
Disbursements, as per statement attached $2,147.00
Deficit $7.70
As against this deficit, I have collected on subscriptions for 1909 $40.25
Leaving a balance in the back of $32.55

Disbursements, Jan 1908 to Jan 1909
Unitarian Church, Atlanta, Ga.

Rev. A.W. Bowser % salary, 4 1/2 months $575.00
Rev. A.W. Bowser by the Unitarian Assn  $500.00
Rev. A. W. Bowser % Expense to New Orleans $27.50
Jno. W. Rowlett, Salary and expense for moving, etc. $625.00
Ga. Railway & Electric Company $39.51
E.T. Payne, Water $7.20
Janitor Service $67.85
Atlanta City Director $15.00
W.W. Fiske, Hotel Directory $6.00
Music, Mrs. Lederle, Cash 21.50 Credit on Subscription $35.00
Erwin Mueller $50.00
Mrs. Geo. Munger $3.00
Mrs. Harper $7.50
Miss Hattie Smith % Convention $5.00
Miss Davenport $6.50
Randall Brothers, Coal $11.00
P.J. Daniel, Painting Roof $15.00
Rev. Clifton Gray, % programs $5.00
C.A. Dahn Com. Floral Offerings $8.00
W.M. Francis, Hotel and other conference ex. $56.66
Perdue & Eggleston, Bal. on Ins. $20.15
W.M. Francis, % floral off, W.C.P. $6.00
W.M. Francis, Repairing floor Sunday School $22.45
W.M. Francis, Rep. Furnace & Sundry Rep. $5.38
American Unitarian Association $25.00
Lester Painting Company $2.00
Total Disbursements $20.00
Less A.U.A. $30.00
Amount Raised by Church $1,647.00


Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 25 Folder: 06 Pages: 336
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA