Second Unitarian Church on Spring and Cain Streets

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta Georgia) - Sun Aug 26 1900 - P 7
The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta Georgia) – Sun Aug 26 1900 – P 7

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) · Sun, Aug 19, 1900 · Page 7On last Sunday The Constitution published a drawing of the new home of the Church of Our Father. Unitarian, now being erected at the corner of Spring and Cain streets. As the picture indicates, the building in at simple classic design.

The Church of our Father was organized in 1883 in the upper room of the old Kimball house by the Rev. George L. Chaney and ten other persons. Of this number only two are now living in Atlanta. Mr. Frank Lederle end Mr. G. L. Norrman. Soon after the organization of the society the property at the corner or North Forsyth and Church streets was purchased and a chapel wee erected on Church street, leaving the large old building at the corner to be used by the Means classical school, then one of the leading institutions for the preparation of boys for the university. The chapel was occupied by the society on Christmas of the same year, but was not formerly dedicated until the following April. This chapel was used as a place of worship until last January, when it was torn down to make room for the Carnegie Free library. With the proceeds of the sale of the fine property how held by the trustees of the Carnegie Free library the site at the corner of Spring and Cain streets was bought, leaving a sufficient sum to enable the society to dedicate its new house of worship entirely free of debt.

The Church of our Father, in accordance with the principles of Unitarianism, has no written creed or confession of faith. The organization is based on the simple covenant: “We accept the religion of Jesus, believing in accordance with His teaching that practical religion is summed up in love to God and love to man, and in the love of truth and in the spirit of Jesus we unite for the worship of God and the service of man.” The acceptance of this convenient and the signing of the church roll constitute a person a member of the church.

The present minister, Rev. C.A. Langston, assume date duties of the pastorate last April. He is a native of Kentucky.

Sunday, November 11th, has been selected as the date for the dedication. The Rev. Samuel A. Eliot, D.D., president of the American Unitarian Association in Boston, will deliver the sermon for the occasion.

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta Georgia) – Sun Aug 26 1900 – P 7
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