Rev. Chaney’s Letter to The Editor About Final Sermon (Nov 4, 1890)

Rev. Chaney's Letter to the Editor

Rev. Chaney’s Letter to the Editor

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A Card from Mr. Chaney

Editor Constitution: In your excellent report of my sermon in this morning’s paper, for which as for the kindly words accompanying it, I heartily thank you.  I am reported saying that the Young Men’s Library and the reform school for youthful criminals are inert.  Now, the library is very far from inert and I cannot let an other impression go forth from me.  The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Dumb Animals and the Reform School were two sleeping agencies which I referred to.

The statement that the Church of Our Father was named for him who went about dong good would also need modifying to suit a Unitarian sermon.  But I am less concerned about that. The report in the main was true and I wish to thank the reporter rather than correct him.  I am also glad of this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation of the courtesies and hospitality of the press of Atlanta towards myself and my utterance since I have been here.  Alsway truly yours, George Leonard Chaney


The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) · Tue, Nov 4, 1890 · Page 4
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