Notes on Rev. Roger Bosworth

Roger Dewey Bosworth was born in Moville, Iowa, November 25 1912.  He died in Cherokee, Iowa on Feb 14, 1959 after a brief illness.

Bosworth received a BA degree from Morningside College, Sioux City in 1935.

On August 14, 1940, the Iliff School of Theology awarded Roger Bosworth the degree of Doctor of Theology. His doctoral thesis was “The Criticism of Religion in the Philosophy of George Santayana.”

In March 1940, Bosworth became a member of the First Universalist Church of Denver.

In April 1940, Bosworth was ordained by the Universalist Church of America and was then called as the settled minister of First Universalist Church of Denver.

He later accepted a call to the combined Unitarian-Universalist Atlanta church where he served until 1945.  Rev Bosworth resigned is Atlanta pastorate  when he was named as the National Director of Youth Activities of the Universalist Church. He later resigned that position to take up lecturing and writing.

Dr. Bosworth served thirteen years in the Universalist parish ministry, five years in Denver, five years in Atlanta, Georgia, and three years in Columbus, Ohio.

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