Members of First Universalist Church of Atlanta as of Jan 1896

Onward Journal of the Universalist Young People


Letter from Atlanta.

Our church in Atlanta draws its constituency from so many states, and from so many faiths, that I thought it would be a matter of interest to you all to know something of each one who is interested in our movement in this city.

This church is the church of the Young People’s Christian Union, and its future life and success will depend in a large measure upon the faithfulness of the Unioners all over this land, and because it is our church, we have a special interest in every person who belongs to it.

There are two lists of names given, the first one contains the names of those who are already members of the church, the second one, names of Universalists who live in Atlanta but who have not yet joined the church. Many of them are members of our churches in other cities and are already interested in the Atlanta church, and will in time identify themselves with it.

Members Of The First Universalist Church Of Atlanta, Georgia.

Mr. and Mrs. H. D. McCutcheon are natives of Georgia, and both were members of the old church of Atlanta, which was organized some twelve or fifteen years ago. Mr. McCutcheon was formerly a Methodist and Mrs. McCutcheon a Baptist, but were converted to our faith by Father Clayton who is now past eighty years of age, but still preacher of the faith. Mr. James McCutcheon, Mr. Howard McCutcheon, and Mrs. Culpepper, are children of Mr. and Mrs. McCutcheon.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Linch are natives of Georgia, and were also members of the old church.

Mrs. M. T. Day a native of New Hampshire and later of Massachusetts.

Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Cottington are natives of Alabama and were members of the Second Baptist Church of Atlanta. They became Universalists from hearing Dr. Q. H. Shinn preach.

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Beck are natives of Georgia and were members of the Second Baptist Church of Atlanta. They became Universalists by reading literature received from the Post Office Mission. Score a big credit for the Post Office Mission!

Mrs. H. A. Harwood, Mrs. A. L. Blackman, Miss Bertha Harwood, and Master Spencer E. Blackman are from Joliet, Ill.

Mr. J. T. Buchanan from Georgia, and a Universalist for years.

Mr. and Mrs. G. M. King formerly lived in Colorado.

Mrs. J. M. Hutem of Cannon, Ga., is a daughter of Rev. J. M. Bowers. Rev. Mr. Bowers was formerly a Baptist clergyman who became a Universalist and converted his church (or forty-nine members of it) to Universalism, and is now preaching to the same church in Cannon, Ga

J.E. Bond and J. C. Bond are natives of Cannon, Ga., and formerly members of Rev. Mr. Bowers’ church.

Mrs. Louise Warnock is a native of Alabama and a daughter of Rev. John C. Burruss, editor of the Universalist Herald.

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Whitney. Mr. Whitney was formerly from Rochester, and later of Buffalo, N.Y. Mrs. Whitney is a native of Fitchburg, Mass., and a former parishioner of Rev. Frank 0. Hall.

Mrs. W. Anderson, and her son J. P. Anderson, are natives of South Carolina.

Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Durdin are natives of Georgia. They have always been Universalists

A. Q. Beem is from Mount Gilead, Ohio.

Dr. L. H. Rhym is a son of Rev. J. H. Rhym, and is a native of Jasper, Ga. (Rev. Mr. Rhym now preaches for our church at Walesca, Ga.)

Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Hicks are natives of Georgia.

Mr. J. N. Little is a native of Alabama and was converted to Universalism by hearing Rev. W. H. McGlauflin preach.

Mr. J. B. Osborn is a native of Georgia.

Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Currier are natives of Vermont and members of the First Universalist Church of Brattleboro, Vt.

To Recapitulate: From Alabama, 4 ; Colorado, 2; Georgia, 19; Illinois, 4; Massachusetts, 1; New Hampshire, 1; New York, 1; Ohio, 1; District of Columbia, 2 ; Vermont, 2. Total 37.

Names Of Universalists In Atlanta Who Are Not Yet Members Of The Church.

Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Finn from St. Paul, and members of Dr. Shutter’s church of Minneapolis, Minn.

Mrs. J. G. Gurwood of Marietta, Ga., daughter of H. D. McCutcheon, and a member of the old church.

Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Jones. Mr. Jones is a native of Georgia, and Mrs. Jones of Massachusetts.

Mr. F. M. Coker is a native of Americus, Ga., (President Bank State of Georgia).

Dr. Brooks. Dr. J. V. Cain.

Mr. C. F. Hoyt is a native of Wentworth, N. H.

Mr. and Mrs. Gill are natives of Vermont.

Mrs. A. E. Grigsby and daughter.

Mr. John Guevin is a native of Georgia.

Mr. S. C. Morely is a native of East Tennessee, and a life-long Universalist.

Mr. J. E. Harding is from Wellsburg, West Va., and a Universalist for years, and a comrade in the same regiment with Dr. Shinn.

Mr. F. E. Dodson is from Dr. Shutter’s church, Minneapolis, Minn.

Mr. Edward Callaway.

Dr. W. F. Park, son of Rev. Mr. Park, is a native of Georgia.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Carter are natives of Georgia. Mrs. Carter was a member of the old church.

Mrs. T. W. Lilly is from Illinois.

Mr. A. J. Winslow and family are from Michigan.

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Milton are natives of Georgia. Mr. Milton was once a primitive Baptist clergyman, but from his study of the Bible became a Universalist. He afterwards converted his brother to our faith, who was also a preacher. He was for a time a preacher of our faith, but from an accident, he is now almost blind. His wife was a member of the Methodist Church, but is now a Universalist and they will both join our church soon.

Mrs. Marr is a native of New Hampshire.

Mr. W. E. Shirley is a native of Georgia.

Dr. Adolphus Dean of the So. Eclectic College is a native of Georgia, and once a preacher of our faith. His son, Mr. H. B. Anolphus and family are Universalists.

In addition to the above lists they have counted over thirty children who are old enough to attend Sunday school, and so Mr. McGlauflin expects to organize a Sunday school this month.

For this very complete report of our Atlanta friends, I am indebted to Mr. H. M. Currier who is one of the loyal and true, of the most loyal and true. His constant kindness and that of his family, to me while in Atlanta, can never be quite repaid.

Mary Grace Canfield.


Source:  Onward found in Google Books  January  17, 1896, Volume II, No. 51, Page 202