Letter – Jan Vickery Knost to Roger Comstock Support for Purchase from NJ (Aug 9, 1979)

August 9, 1979

Mr. Roger Comstock
979 Springdale Road, N.E.,
Atlanta, GA

Dear Roger,

It has been some months since we enjoyed your company as a guest in our home in Dedham – which you might quickly
perceive as a former ministry.

We are all well – busy as lobstermen with rotten rope – and looking forward to the beginning of a challenging pastorate in the city of Summit.

I wanted to write to you in regard to the Southeast Camp and Conference Site you described to us at dinner the night you were with us. The more we think about it, the more it seems that this is a project and a vision second to none on the horizon in our movement at this writing, as far as summer conferences are concerned. It is also one of the most exciting possibilities for forwarding the message of a liberal faith that could be imagined for the growing Southeast.

As one who comes from an entirely different district, (Mass. Bay was my former district – I am now in New York Metro), I would like to add my voice of approval and support to the very careful planning-and promotion that has been given to this time. As I understand it, you already have a tremendous groundswell of enthusiasm for its eventual success that is a reality.

Please add Lorna and my tame to that list. Enclosed is a very modest, but sincere token of our trust and caring. I would hope that I, like many others in other districts, could use their time to promote the joy and obvious qualities of inspiration and human growth that I (we) know will come from such an idea. Allons!

With every best wish for your happiness and peace,

<signature not shown>

Jan Vickery Knost
186 Ashland Road
Summit, NJ 07901