Letter – Gordon Gibson to Roger Comstock Support for Purchase of Camp (May 25, 1979)

4866 North State Street

May 25, 1979

Mr. Roger Comstock
President, SUUSI Board
979 Springdale Road
Atlanta, GA 30306

Dear Roger,

As part-time minister to two small congregations in Mississippi I wanted to express to you some of my feelings about the potential Highlands camp location.

I have seen the slides of it and I am personally very pleased with the facilities and the possibilities that they would open up. All of us from Jackson and Ellisville who have seen the slides have expressed much the same feeling.

As you know, there has been a gradual increase in the participation from our area in SUUSI. With the camp and conference center there would be a quantum jump. The location is much more accessible to us, but still offers the sort of mountain setting that would be a real change for us. In the next one to three years I know that I have a child who needs a camp experience — but not as far away as New York or New Hampshire. (In fact, had such a camp and conference center existed when I was growing up in Kentucky I am sure that it would then — as it will now draw youth and adults from that far away.)

I think that there is no question that the SUUSI Board can count on active participation from those of us in Mississippi. I know of one man who has already volunteered his work time on getting the camp in shape. I am sure that many of us would attend conferences there from the first summer of operation on. And I firmly believe that there will be concomitant financial support, which we all realize is essential in order to make this dream come true.


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Gordon D. Gibson