Letter – Don Hostetler to Larry Wheeler Strong Support for Camp Purchase (Oct 8, 1979)

Thomas Jefferson District
Unitarian Universalist Association

716 Hammond Dr.
N. Augusta, SC 29841
Oct. 8, 1979

Camp & Conference Center Committee
c/o Larry Wheeler
1120 Gunnison Ct.
Clarkston, GA 30021

Dear Larry,

At the June 1979 meeting of the Thomas Jefferson District Board the following resolution was passed by a unanimous vote.

The Board of Directors of the Thomas Jefferson District applauds the completeness of the studies by the Camp and Conference Center Committee and strongly supports the efforts of the SUSSI Board to obtain Camp Highlander as a permanent Camp and Conference Center.

Further the Board encourages consideration of this project by societies and individuals within the Thomas Jefferson District.
Good luck as this project becomes a reality.

Don Hostetler
<signature not shown>
President, TJ District

cc: Gretchen Bremer
Ed Stephens
Rosemary Burns