First Universalist Church – Members as of Apr 30, 1905

List of Church Members April 30, 1905.

Archivist Note: This list of members was located on the last pages of the minutes book (pages 149 – 151).  Apr

Every effort was made to correctly transcribe names. When there was uncertainty of the transcription, question marks (??) were inserted.  The names appeared in alphabetic order until the end when names were added.  The original pages were written in ink.  However, pencil was used to annotate some addresses as N.R.  N.R. is assumed to represent a Non-Resident member.

Name Address
Allen, Mrs. E.G. 312 Spring St
Allen, Miss L 179 S. Pryor St
Beck, Alex 301 Capitol Ave
Beck, Mrs. Alex 301 Capitol Ave
Beck, W.R. 301 Capitol Ave
Beck, H.O. 301 Capitol Ave
Bennett, Edw.
Bennett, Mrs. Edw.
Bond, J.C. College Park, Ga.
Bond, Mrs. J.C. College Park, Ga.
Burl, Mrs. Edith
Burl, Harry
Brown, Lewis Spartanburg,  SC
Brown, Mrs. Nellie Spartanburg,  SC
Blake, H.C.  N.R.
Blackman, Mrs. A.L. 600 The Grant
Baright, Genieve Prather School
Clayton, Sallie 73 1/2 Whitehall St
Clayton, Bella
Creswell, Bertha Mrs. 79 West Peachtree St
Crone, Berta College Park, Ga.
Cottingham, Mrs. N.A. 251 Capitol Ave
Cottingham, Miss Florence 251 Capitol Ave
Cawthon, Miss Zura 99 Ivy St
Cramer, Ola E
Cummings, Mrs. W.B. 66 1/2 Whitehall
Davis, Ella Mrs.  333 Pullman
Davis, Emma 79 W. Peachtree St
Davis, W. A. N.R.
Davis, Bertha N.R.
Davis, Minnie N.R.
Dickinson, Mrs. Carrie W.  Piedmont
Ferris, Mrs. K.J. N.R. 5 Spring St, Sandy Hill, NY
Ferris, Will N.R. 5 Spring St, Sandy Hill, NY
Finney, Mrs. E.L. 92 Spring St
Gill, W.C. P.O. Box 675
Gill, Mrs. W.C. P.O. Box 675
Garrett, C.T. 240 Howell
Garrett, Mrs. C.T. 240 Howell
Duncan, Mrs. Elliott 107 Ivy St
Hitchcock, Harly
Hallam, Mrs. C.E. Harriman, Tenn
Hallam, Miss Mable Harriman, Tenn
Holdt, D.E. 109 Highland Ave
Holdt, Martha  109  Highland Ave
Hiatt, Mrs. Lois 115 W. Cain St
Hubner, C.W. East Eno, Ga.
Hubner, Mary F. East Eno, Ga.
Hubner, Miss Rose East Eno, Ga.
Harwood, Miss Bertha 391 Peachtree St
Jones, W.L. 267 Grant St
Jones, Mrs. M.E. 267 Grant St
Jones, Fred 253 W. North Ave
Jones, Helen 395 Rawson St
 King, Anna Mrs.
Love, Elijah Mr. East Atlanta
Love, Mrs. Dor More  R.D.S. 72 E. Atlanta
Lockhard, Mrs. A.M. 164 Ponce de Leon Ave
Learn, Chas. J Marietta, Ga
Marsh, F.M. 274 E. Fair
Marsh, F.M. Mrs. 274 E. Fair
Marsh, Vivian 274 E. Fair
Miller, J.J. 117 Forest Ave
Milton, Rev. W.R.
Milton, Mrs. W.R. Chattahoochee, Ga
Moss, Dr. T.J. 282 Rawston, St
Marshall, C.F.
McCutcheon, H.C. Monroe, Ga
McCutcheon, Mrs. L.C. 191 Pryor St
McCutcheon, Howard 191 S. Forsyth
Linch, Mrs. H. 36 Highland Avd
Painter, Mrs. F.G. 4 Baltimore Block
?unday, Mrs. Kate
Perry, N.V. Marietta
Perry, Mrs. Grace Marietta
Powell, William N.R.
Rhymes, Dr, L.A. Riverside, Ga
Stanford, Mr. J.C. 68 Walton St
Thomas, Hendrix 198 S. Forsyth
Thomas, Chas N.R.
Twilight, A.L
Warg?ady, Mrs. L.V. 79 Ivy St
White, J.T. 91 Orange St
West, B.G. 309 E. North Ave
West, Mrs. Sallie 309 E. North Ave
Williams, Mrs.
Williams, W.H. N.R.
Williams, Mrs. W.H. N.R. Florence, SC
Ward, Mrs. A.L. 9 Jamison Plains, Boston
Turner, Mrs. J.W. 133 Oakland Ave
Wey, Rev. F.W. 61 Houston
Wey, Mrs. F.W. 61 Houston
Hubner, Mrs. Ellen  Tucker, Ga
Zettler, Prof B.M. Kirkwood, Ga
Mr. Moon 108 Garden St
Bick Andrew  301 Capitol Ave
Sickens Lilian V.D. Mrs 111 E Fifth St

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 60 Folder: 01 Pages: 149 – 151
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG