First Universalist Church – Meeting Minutes, Mar 11, 1907 (Bill Paying)

Atlanta, Ga., March 11, 1907

Regular meeting of Board of Trustees met at home Pastor Rev. E.D. Ellenwood.


  • Bro. Bradford, President
  • Bro. Marsh
  • Bro. Ellenwood
  • Bro. West
  • Bro. Blake, Acting Secretary

Minutes of meeting of Feb 11 read and stood approved.

Order of business suspended and Mr. West’s monthly report read and read as follows:

Disbursements by warrants ordered drawn as follows:

  • Sundries as authorized: $12.12
    • Janitor paid: $2.00
    • Extra Service: $5.00
    • Paid Phoenix Planning Mill for local kindling: $1.50
    • Georgia Ry & Electric Lights: $3.02 (Archivist: Ry = Railway)
    • Water bill for February: $.60
  • Estey Organ Co. Pledge Feb: $10.00
  • Salary pastor Mr. Ellenwood February: $62.50
  • Salary singer Miss Smith February: $15.00
  • Expense for Mr. Weeks for special sermons: $37.25
    • Printing: $5.25
    • Meals and Room at Peachtree Inn: $7.00
    • Salary Mr. Weeks: $25.00

Motion carried that Mr. Ellenwood be instructed to mail requests for special Easter Services.

Secretary instructed to purchase new book for minutes of the meetings.

Treasurer reports as follows:
Cash in hand last meeting: $112.08
Cash collected since last meeting: $108.0q
Total: $220.09
Amount paid out: $123.62
Cash in hand: $96.47

Meeting adjourned 9 pm


H.C. Blake, Acting Secretary

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 60   Folder: 01  Pages: 141 – 142
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA