First Universalist Church – Meeting Minutes, Feb 3, 1901 (Furnace and Ltr of Thanks)

Atlanta Ga. Feb. 3, 1901
Board of Trustees of the church held their regular February meeting in the study of Dr. McGlauflin on above date. President Crone in the chair, members present, Dr. McGlauflin, Mr. Marsh, Mr. Blake and Secy Bond.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted.

Treasurer reported that since the last reporting he had collected $(Archivist: amount in original), that he had paid out on order $(Archivist: amount in original). That he now had on hand $103.05.

The report was accepted.

The committee on furnace reported that in pursuance of the authority granted them at the last board meeting, they had on February 4, 1901 taken up the note of $148.00 given to Moncrief-Carter Furnace Co., due on said Feb. 4th and had given a new note therefore for $70.00, paying half the principal and also $1.00 interest; that this note falls due 60 days from date and draws 8% interest from date, payable to Neal Loan and Bkg. Co.

The committee also found it necessary to borrow the sum of $200 which they did from Neal Loan and Banking Co., giving note for $200 dated Feb. 4, 1901, due in 90 days from date with interest at 8% from date. This latter $200 was borrowed for the purpose of taking up the note of $200 due to F.M. Marsh, which was done.

This report was accepted.

The secretary was not able to make his report as financial secretary owning to the absence of his financial books, but was asked to be sure to report next meeting.

The Secretary stated that in pursuance of the instructions of the board at its last meeting, he had sent Mrs. H.W. Young the following letter, to which he had received no reply.

Atlanta Ga. Jan 30, 1901
Mrs. Harry W. Young c/o Carroll House, City.

My dear Mrs. Young, at a meeting of the new church board last evening, I, as Secretary of the Board, was instructed to write you and express to you our sincerest and profoundest appreciation and thanks for the valuable assistance you have rendered us these past few months; that we are indeed grateful to you for what you have done for us and we really feel sorry because of our inability to remunerate you in a more substantial way than by our expression of thanks, but that owing to our financial condition at present we find we are utterly unable to do more; that we do not feel as though it would be fair to you or to ourselves to accept your services further until we are in a position to adequately compensate you for same.

Again thanking you on behalf of the Board and with best wishes, I am

Cordially yours

(signed) J.C. Bond Secy.

The committee on Music reported that since the last meeting they had secured the services of Miss Mizzura Cawthon as Leader of the Choir for a period of five months at $10.00 per month, beginning Feb. 1, 1901.

This report was accepted and adopted by the Board.

Upon motion duly seconded and carried, the following orders were drawn on treasurer.

Empire Glass and Decorations Co Acct in full $3.00
J.J. Thousason  account in full $6.75
Bass Drygoods Co. on account of carpet $25.00
W.H. McGlauflin salary for Jan 1901 $50.00
Ga. Paint and Glass Co account in past $10.00
E.D. Thomas Atty for Williams Bros in full $10.00
Miss Mizzura Cawthon Feb salary ½ month $5.00
 Total $109.96

Dr. McGlauflin reported that progress was being made on adjustment of the rent owed Good Templars and amount owning by them on their window.

He reported also that $5.00 has been received on the Veazy window and $11.00 had been received on Mrs. McGlauflin window.

Concerning the contemplated services of meeting to begin on this 21st of February, with Dr. Bizbee of Boson Mass with us. The matter of his entertainment was left to Dr. McGlauflin to make such arrangements as he thought best.

Upon motion the following committee was appointed to look after the advertising of said meetings; Mr. Crone, Mr. Blake and Dr. McGlauflin.

Upon motion, meeting adjourned.


J.C. Bond, Secy.

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 60 Folder: 01  Page: 25 – 27
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

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