Church of Our Father – Meeting Minutes of Sep 9, 1892 (Rev. Cole Accepts Another Year Call)

Atlanta, Ga. Sep 9, 1892
Present Messrs. Crafts, Gunier, Dixon and Winslow.
Mr. Crafts elected president pro tem

It being the first meeting since May 23rd, the minutes of that meeting were read and approved.

The following communication from Mr. Cole was read and ordered placed on file.

Mt. Washington, Md. Aug 1, 1892
To the Trustees of the Church of Our Father,

In answer to your invitation to continue pastor of the Church of Our Father for another year. I am very glad to feel that I can come and continue my ministry among you for another year at least.

I hope the year we are about to enter will be more fruitful and successful in all ways for the good of the cause and church.

Believe me Your Obedient Servant,

William Roswell Cole.

The Treasure reported that instructions in regard to paying interest to A.U.A. had been completed with and interest paid.

The Treasurer also reported the following bills due:

For Insurance – $42.00
For Pastor Salary – $100.00
For Music – $75.00
For Gas – $8.40
Total $225.40

And subscriptions due and unpaid: $220.00

Mr. Dixon offered the following resolution which was unanimously adopted.

In Memoriam

Resolved. That the sincere sympathy of this Board is extended to our chairman – Mr. J.E. Harding – in his bereavement consequent upon the death of his wife, Mrs. Mary Harding, and that we deeply deplore this sudden removal of one whom the members of our church had learned to love and esteem.

Resolved. That these resolutions be entered upon the minute book of the Board.

Mr. Crafts suggested a plan to raise funds for the church by the circulation of (a) canvas among the Unitarian churches generally.

The matter was referred to Mr. Dixon with the request that he correspond with Mr. Geo. L. Chaney and get his views or approval.

No other business appearing, the Board adjourned.


H.M. Currier, Clerk

Physical Archive: UUCA   Box: 26   Folder: 02 Book: 02 Pages: 84 – 86
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

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