Church of Our Father – Meeting Minutes Oct 19, 1892 (Liberal Church League Established)

Atlanta, Ga. Oct 19, 1892
A called meeting of the board of trustees.
Present: Rev. Geo. L. Chaney, Rev. William Roswell Cole and Messrs. Crafts, Currier, Dixon, Harding and Kennedy.

Minutes of last meeting read and approved.

Mr. Currier form the Special Committee appointed on Sept 25, 1892 to organize the members of the church into a working committee reported.

That an organization had been effected under the name of “The Liberal Church League” with officers as follows:

  • Geo. H. Crafts – Chairman
  • Fred W. Stain – Clerk
  • Jno. Y. Dixon – Treasurer
  • Executive Committee to consist of elected officers

The objects of the League is primarily the dissemination of liberal news and principals in religion and the sustenance and rebuilding of the Church of Our Father of Atlanta, Ga.

An interesting meeting was held at the organization of the League. Several plans were discussed and special committees appointed to carry on the work of the League as follows:

1st A proposition by Mr. Crafts to make a free Library and Reading Room – which was referred to Messrs. Crafts, Stain and Behre.
2nd A plan introduced by Mr. Schumann to enlist the aid of the Woman’s Alliance in making the church more social and especially look after strangers who may come to us – which was referred to Messrs. Schumann and Dixon.
3rd To aid the Sunday school and make it more effective – referred to Messrs. Currier, McCutcheon and Giles.
4th Missionary work and advertising – referred to Messrs. Dixon and Harding.

On motion the report was accepted and the Committee discharged.

Mr. Dixon for the Special Committee on taxes reported that the tax bills for 1890 – 1892 had been paid. Voted to accept the report and discharge the committee.

The Treasurer made an interesting report showing the total liabilities to Nov 1st, 1892 of $757.12; assets $493.75; Balance of liabilities $263.37.

After a thorough discussion of the situation and an offer from Mr. Chaney to assist in raising the amount required to balance the account to Nov 1st, it was voted to refer the report to the Ways and Means Committee to prepare an estimate of expenses for 1893 and present same to the Annual Meeting of the church.

Mr. Theodore Schumann appeared before the Board representing a committee of the Liberal Church League and recommending a committee be appointed to call upon strangers and people who were interested in a liberal; inviting them to the church services and to make then acquainted with our people.

On motion it was voted to ratify the recommendation and appoint Messrs. Schumann and Dixon (and) Mrs. Fanny C. Swift and Mrs. Edwina Schumann upon the committee.

Bills to amount of $30.46 were presented and referred to the Committee on Operation of the Church to be paid if found correct.

On motion it was voted to accept with thanks Mr. C.H. Behre’s donation to amount of $25.00. Balance due him as Treasurer of the Fortnightly Club.

It was voted to invite the different organizations of the church to be present at the Annual Meeting to be held Nov 7, 1892. Also requesting reports from the same.

Moved and voted that the Woman’s Alliance be requested to take charge of the social arrangements for the Annual Meeting.

Mr. Crafts as a committee from the Liberal Church League recommended that the Library be made free and that a reading room be opened two evenings and Sunday afternoon of each week.

On motion the recommendation was adopted and the appointment of Messrs. Crafts, Stain and Behre a committee on the library – by the L.C.L. (Liberal Church League) was ratified.

No other business appearing, the Board adjourned.

H.M. Currier, Clerk,

Physical Archive: UUCA   Box: 26   Folder: 03 Book: 02 Pages: 89 – 91
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

Archivist Note: Shortly after this board meeting, advertising appeared in the local Atlanta newspapers from Oct 30 to Nov 28, 1892:

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) · Oct 30 to Nov 28, 1892, 1892 Campaign of the Liberal Church League

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) · Oct 30 to Nov 28, 1892, 1892
Campaign of the Liberal Church League

What do Unitarian Believe?

Persons who are interested in the answer to this much-asked question, and all who desire to know more of the liberal teachings of the day, are requested to address the Liberal Church League, P.O. Box 643, Atlanta, Ga. Inquiries from residents of Atlanta are specially solicited.


Staring Jan 1, 1893, advertising in the Atlanta newspapers begin to appear announcing the a “free library and reading room at the Church of Our Father.”


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