Church of Our Father – Meeting Minutes May 17, 1908 (Discussion of Merger)

Atlanta Ga., May 17, 1908.

A meeting of the congregation was held following the service on this date at which there were forty seven members present. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Harding presiding. W.M. Francis acting as Clerk pro tem.

The Committee to which was referred the resignation of Doctor Bowser reported not having been able to obtain his reconsideration. Copy of their report attached herewith.

At the request of Mr. Douglas, Dr. Bowser read a letter from the A.U.A. which is attached in the original. Before reading the letter Dr. Bowser reviewed his stay among us and explained that feeling himself one of the congregations did not deem formal leave-taking as necessary. He expressed the appreciation of Mrs. Bowser and himself for the attention shown through the reception tendered by the ladies of the Alliance the Friday night previous.

Following the reading of the letter from Dr. Eliot, one from Dr. Ellenwood was read, in which an invitation was extended this Congregation to join that of the Universalist Church during such time as our pulpit might be vacant. He also stated his hope to be able to arrange for union services of both bodies in this Church during July and August. Dr. Bowser expressed the hope that this matter would be given favorable consideration.

Mr. Douglas addressed the meeting with reference to possible action looking to continuing the church through the summer; no action taken.

Miss Martin and Mr. Watts commented on remarks by Mr. Douglas, each holding out hopes that a continuation of past good feelings might be continued.

On invitation from the Central Cong. Church, it was voted to send three delegates to attend the Installation exercises on the night of May 18th Messrs Moore and Lederle with Miss Martin were appointed by the Chair.

Mr. Behre spoke on the advantages to follow the appointment of a southern Secretary and asked that some action be taken with reference to such support from this church as they felt able to give Dr. Bowser reported that the New Orleans Church had pledged itself in a substantial amount.

Mr. Douglas stated that in his opinion so long as this church was receiving aid from the A.U.A. we were hardly in a position to consider the matter.

No definite action was taken on the matter.

On motion of Mr. Lederle, Mr. T.C. Perkins was nominated for Treasurer and he was elected by full vote.

Mr. Schwoon was nominated for Clerk and his election was unanimous.

The resignation of Dr. W.A. Jackson as Trustee was accepted.

Mr. D.E. Spencer offered his resignation which was not accepted.

On motion by Mr. Lederle the vacancy caused by resignation of Mr. Jackson.

Physical Archive: UUCA   Box: 25   Folder: 06   Book: 01  Page: 335
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA