Church of Our Father – Meeting Minutes, Jan 11, 1904 (Annual Meeting)

Atlanta, Ga. January 11, 1904

The Annual meeting of the church of Our Father was held this evening in the Sunday School room, and was called to order at 9:00 P.M. by  Chairman John L. Moore.

Present: Messrs. Moore, Douglas, St. Amand, Lederle, Young, Govan, Jackson, Harding, Rev. C.A. Langston, Rev. Marion Pamm of Chattanooga, Tenn., and the following ladies: Mrs. Spencer, Daniels, Foster, Govan, Beardsley, Behre, Jackson, Moore, Lederle and Miss Dixon and Misses Edwina and Elinor Behre.

Minutes of the last annual meeting read and approved.

Some discussion was had regarding committee appointed at last annual meeting to get up a new roll of church membership, it was finally voted that, the same committee be continued and given further time.

The Treasurer submitted his report of the receipts and disbursements during the year, a detailed report of which will be found following the regular minutes. The report was approved and ordered spread on the minutes.

Report of Clerk was read, in which it was shown that, the church attendance for 46 Sunday’s was 2,264, or an average of 49 for each Sunday service.

Report of President of Woman’s Alliance was read by Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Langston being unable to attend, owing to sickness.

Report of Treasurer of Woman’s Alliance was also read.

Report of Secretary and Treasurer of Sunday School was read by Douglas, Miss Martin being unable to attend the meeting.

Report of Chairman of John Moore of Board of Trustees was read.

All reports rendered were interesting and of an encouraging nature were received, approved and ordered spread on the minutes where they will be found following the regular minutes in full.

Report of he Pastor was made by Mr. Langston in a ringing talk, in which he gave his views as to the manner in which the church as a body and he as a Unitarian minister should gain the respect and confidence of the community. It should not be by fighting other denominations, but by joining them in all  work, the Pastor Mr. Langston as an illustration cited his course in the controversy brought about by the Evangelical Minister’s Association in reference to the Ministers of the Unitarian and Universalist Churches participating in the rally union religious meetings held during the Lenten season of 1903.

Rev. Mr. Langston avoided all controversy, though the papers placed their columns at his disposal, he attended the meetings regularly, and by his course made many friends among the Ministers of the different denomination in the city.

Rev. Mr. Langston outlined his plan of work for the coming year.

First: He hopes to have the Rev. Thomas Slicer with us during the month of March.

Second: He favored holding a series of Sunday evening meetings in say four different parts of the city, these meetings to be held in some hall or room that might be secured for the purpose, the meetings to be advertised in each section by circulars distributed from house to house in the locality, Mr. Langston thought by this method the membership of the church could be greatly increased during the year.

The Pastor’s remarks were heartily endorsed by the meeting – a vote of thanks was given him – and promise of aid and support assured in his proposed work.

Mr. St. Amand moved that the Pastor’s salary be fixed at $1200.00 for the year 1904 – carried. Committee on nominations suggested the election of the following officers:

  • Pastor: Rev. C. A. Langston
  • Trustees for three years: Geo. H. Crafts, J.C. Peck, J.S. Russell
  • Advisory committee: W.J. Govan, Mrs. Metta Foster
  • Treasurer: J.G. St. Amand
  • Superintendent of Sunday School: Hamilton Douglas
  • Ass’t Supert: Geo H. Crafts

It was moved and seconded that the Clerk cast the ballot for ticket as presented as a whole. Carried.

Hamilton Douglas moved that the old books now in the Library be turned over to the Sunday School, either to sell or to give away as might be deemed best.  Carried.

Mr. Langston reported $8.00 in his hands proceeds from the of Voices of Light.

Mr. St. Amand moved that the money be turned over to the Sunday School- Carried.

Mr. St. Amand as Treasurer and Chairman of the finance Committee, explained the amount necessary to be raised for the support of the Church work for 1904, fixed the sum at $1600.

A list was then prepared and $665.00 pledged by the members. Mr. Douglas on behalf of the Sunday School stated that they intended to paint the church during the year.

Mr. Douglas then in behalf of the members of the congregation, presented Treasurer St. Amand with a beautiful loving cup, as a slight token of their appreciation for his services to the Society. Mr. Douglas in presenting the token made a happy and touching little talk.

Mr. St. Amand in receiving the token responded in a like manner.

The meeting then adjourned after which light refreshments were served by the ladies.


J.E. Harding

Treasurer’s Report

Report of the Treasurer from January 1, 1903  covering receipts and expenditures for the year ending December 31, 1903.

Receipts Amount
Sunday collections $253.49
John L. Moore $75.00
Geo. H. Crafts $75.00
J.S. Russell $25.00
Woman’s Alliance $125.00
G.H. Behre $29.00
J.G. St. Amand $75.00
American Unitarian Assoc. $400.00
Elinor S. Langston $50.00
Clarence A. Langston $25.00
Miss Hattie Martin $10.00
Hamilton Douglas $50.00
Miss Sarah G. Whaley $25.00
Mrs. Alfredo Barilli $10.00
Mrs. Metta V. Foster $10.00
Special Collection A.U.A. $58.76
Sanborn Lecture $12.50
J.C. Peck $50.00
Miss Emily Yates $5.00
Ralph H. Brown $15.00
Sale of Books $15.00
Lucy B. Additon $3.00
Julius R. Watts $25.00
Mrs. A.M. Lederle $10.50
J.E. Harding $10.00
Angie Harding $5.00
Mrs. Ida Harding Beardsley $5.00
Mrs. G. W. Johnson $5.00
J.B. Young $3.00
Dr. C. E. Hall $10.00
Harold Moore $5.00
A.F. Walker $20.00
Earl Moore $10.00
R.G. Hitt $5.00
W.J. Govan $8.34
Conference Collection $12.92
Conference Entertainment: Miss Sarah G. Whaley: $10.00, Geo. H. Crafts: $5.00, J.G. St. Amand: $5.00, J.C. Peck $5.00 $25.00
Sub Total Receipts $1,556,51
Jan 1 amount in hands of Treasurer (Home of Incurables fund) $14.50
Total Receipts $1,571.01


Disbursements Amount
Rev. C.A. Langston on salary account $1,203.50
Mrs. A.M. Lederle organist $72.50
John L. Moore for Home of Incurables $20.00
A.U.A. Annual Contribution $50.00
Expense account light, fuel, etc $79.31
Janitor $81.75
Board delegates to Conference $13.00
Sunday school (sale of books) $15.00
Insurance on church property $20.05
Disbursements $1,555.11
Amount in hands of Treasurer $15.90
Less Conference Collection $12.92
Amount in hands of Treasurer for general use $2.98
Rev. C.A Langston
Salary fixed for 1903 $1,400.00
Less Payments $1,203.50
Amount due Rev. C.A. Langston $196.50

Clerk’s Report

During the year the following meetings have been held: Annual Meeting  Jan 12, Quarterly meetings in April and October, Special meetings were held Oct 13th and 26th to consider Pastor’s resignation.

Also a Special or Call meeting was held Sunday Dec 27th to elect a nomination committee.

Regular Trustee meetings were held in Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June, Sept, Oct and Dec making 9 meetings during the year.

The church attendance for the 46 Sundays of the year total up 2,264, bring average attendance of 49 per Sunday.



J.E. Harding

Woman’s Alliance Report

The Woman’s Alliance has met twice a month during the year with the exception of July and August.  Starting the year with 27 members we have now have 33 with an average attendance at regular meetings of 18.  The committees consisting House, P.O. Mission (Archivist: Post Office Mission), Free Kindergarten etc. have been most efficient.

In February the Alliance took charge of a reception to Dr. and Mrs. Slicer.  We gave one afternoon to discussion and talk on the Consumers League.

In March came the birthday Party on March 23rd.  Rabbi Marx gave an instructive talk on the Baron Hirsh Charities.

In April, instead of the usual sale each member was given a dollar from the treasury to double or treble as best one might for the Easter offering.  There came the talk by <Archivist Note: this section of the notes is obscured and not readable). It also responded liberally toward Mrs. Emmons on the Florence ??? House.

In October the Alliance furnished refreshments for the reception to the S.S. (Sunday School) Superintendent.  The usual meeting of the month was given to Mr. Langston who began a course of talks with Spencer’s Data of Ethic as a basis.

In November came the Conference and the collation. (Archivist: collation: a light, informal meal.) Instead of the annual fair, each member voted to give $2.00 to the treasury.

The Kindergarten committee appointed two ladies to furnish a lunch one day a month to the Magnolia St. School and also arranged for the children to have a happy Christmas time with candy, fruit, etc.

A number of appeals from the church have been responded to. The Alliance has helped furnish the Unitarian Room at the Hospital for Incurables. Its also responded liberally toward the Depart Matron Fund (Archivist: Unsure of this transcription), this subscription however was refused on account of the evangelical restrictions of the City Mission. Each year $5.00 is given to the Free Kindergarten Association.

The Alliance has so far turned over to the church treasurer toward church expenses $125 for 1903.  It is hoped a little more can be turned over for the same purpose at the next meeting. All members have worked in perfect harmony and good fellowship.

It is hoped the coming year will be one of greater usefulness and consecration to our church. Respectively submitted,


Elinor S. Langston, President

Treasurer’s Report on the Woman’s Alliance

Atlanta Jun 11, 1904, Treasurer’s report on the Woman’s Alliance of the Unitarian Church for the year 1903.

Balance in the Treasury from 1902 $33.86
Due for 1903 $16.00
Proceeds of Birthday Party $23.11
Proceeds of Party at Mrs. Douglas $4.01
Proceeds of Party at Mrs. Govan $1.50
Cash turned in for sales $4.60
Easter Offering $65.30
Sale of Rugs $5.80
Thanksgiving Offering $27.50
Total $181.68


Paid out during 1903
To Church Treasury $125.00
Loaned to Ladies of Investment $19.00
Paid to House Committee $11.00
Paid to Kindergarten $6.50
Paid for Weaving Rugs $4.50
Paid to Post Office Mission $2.30
Donations to Outside Alliance $1.00
Incidental Expenses $5.09
Balance in Treasury $7.29
Total $181.68


Sunday School Report

Unitarian Sunday School.

Secretary’s Report for the year 1903.

In rendering a report to the Sunday school for 1903, it shall be my endeavor to give in as brief manner as possible, a general review of the year’s work. Election of officers for the year was held Jan. 4th – the offices of Supt. and Asst. Supt. being nominative – subject to a vote of the Church, according to its Constitution. Officers elected were as follows:

  • Supt. Mr. Hamilton Douglas
  • Asst. Supt. Mr. Ben Longley
  • Secy & Treas. Miss Hattie Martin
  • Organist, Miss Ellinor Behre
  • Rev. Mr. Langston and Mrs. Longley having charge of the music and singing

At the beginning Of the year our Classes numbered five, as follows:

  • Young Peoples’ Class, Teacher: Mrs. Hamilton Douglas
  • Advanced Interned, Teacher:  Mrs. Chas. H. Behre
  • Intermediate, Teacher: Mrs. Geo. Johnson
  • Advanced, Primary, Teacher:  Mrs. Meta Foster
  • Primary, Teacher:  Mrs. J. S. Russell,  Mrs. A. W. Stirling

On account of the absence of Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Langston took Charge Of the Intermediate Class, retaining it the greater portion of the year.

Another class has been added: that of the Bible Class which is conducted by Mr. Langston. While the attendance to this class has been irregular, and not so good as that of the other classes, it is one which has been organized especially for the adult members of the Sunday school and church, and it is hoped that greater interest will be manifested, increasing the attendance.


We’ve had at the beginning of the year an enrollment of 51; at its close we have 69 that we can consider active members of the school. The attendance has been as follows:

Month Day-Attendance Month Day-Attendance Month Day-Attendance Month Day-Attendance
Jan 4 – 35 Apr 5 – 45 Jul 5 – 25 Oct 4 – 40
11 – 31 12 – 62 12 – 24 11 – 36
18 – 48 19 – 39 19 – 27 18 – 39
12 – 47 26 – 48 26 – 28 25 – 49
Feb 1 – 43 May 3 – 42 Aug 2 – 32 Nov 1 – 41
8 – 44 10 – 51 9 – 29 8 – 44
15 – 50 17 – 48 16 – 29 15 – 59
22 – 48 24 – 48 23 – 27 22 – 53
31 -44 30 – 33 29 – 53
Mar 1 – 47 Jun 7 – 48 Sep 6 – 30 Dec 6 – 50
8 – 46 14 – 41 13 – 25 13 – 50
15 – 31 21 – 38 20 – 32 20 – 46
22 – 35 28 – 29 27 – 33 27 – 48
29 – 27 27 – 48
  • Highest daily attendance: Easter Sunday, 62
  • Lowest daily attendance: July 12 – 24
  • General Average of the year: 40

As will be observed, that attendance for the summer months was smaller but this was due to the absence of serveral families from the city during the heated term. It is of special interest to note that on Easter Sunday, ten of our pupils received silver stars for faithful attendance for one year.

Later, at different times, seven others have been awarded silver stars for regular attendance for the same length of time.

One important feature of the year’s work has been the putting in shape and completion of the library for Sunday school use. The book cases were purchased, filled with books; and on Oct. 4th. were opened to the use of the school.

In looking over the records for the year, it is gratifying to note the number of visitors which have given encouragement by their presence.   Among these were Dr. and Mrs. Slicer of New York. Dr. Slicer made us a happy little talk about Unitarians in general; and gave a slight description, of the settlement work being done in his pariah in that city.

The social side was not neglected: the summer and fall picnics, both of which were enjoyed by all who were able to attend. The informal reception given Mr. Douglas in October on his return home from abroad, was pleasant occasion; and latest in the year, the annual Christmas tree, with supper, was an evening long to be remembered.

A few changes have been made regard officers and teachers Mr. Longley tendered his resignation as Asst. Supt. on account of being unable to attend, and upon motion, Mrs. Geo. Crafts was elected to fill that office for the remainder of the year. Miss Alice Dixon new has charge of the Intermediate class, succeeding Mrs. Langston; while Mrs. Bass is assisting in the Primary work.

The financial condition of the school in also in good shape. The offerings for the year were $69.14, making an average of over $1.30 each Sunday. All bills have been paid, general expenses met, and we close the year with a balance on hand of more than $30.00. With our treasury solvent, an average attendance of 40, and the encouragement of the church members by occasional visits, we have much to inspire us to greater results for the year 1904.

Respectfully submitted,


Hattie E. Martin, Secy & Treas.

Atlanta, Ga, Jan 11, 1904

As Supt. of the Sunday School, I most heartily endorse this report and recommend it acceptance by the Church and that it be spread upon the minutes.


Hamilton Douglas, Supt. Sunday School.

Unitarian Sunday School Treasurer’s Report for the Year 1903


Jan 1 Cash on Hand $30.09
Feb 22 From Burns’ tickets $1.50
Mar 2 Amt. over from pictures, etc. $3.26
April 19 Sale of scrap book $.50
Sept 6 Car Cabinet Sold $4.00
Sept 6 For stars lost during the year $.95
Jan 1 to Dec 27 Offerings for the year $69.14
Dec 31 Chck, Sale of books $15.00
Dec 31 Chck, Special Contribution, Christmas $6.75
Total receipts for the year $131.18


Jan 20 3 dozen stars $3.00
Feb 16 Drayage on pictures $.70
Feb 22 Lesson for Primary Dept $2.00
April 3 Contribution to Unitar. S.S. Boston $5.00
April 6 Bill for silver stars $2.56
May 19 Framing pictures $1.50
June 7 To janitor picnic help $1.10
June 29 Music for picnic $2.50
July 7 Two book cases $25.00
July 16 Carpenter work in Sunday school room $3.95
July 23 1 dozen stars $1.00
Aug 7 Lessons $6.15
Aug 7 1-2 dozen stars $1.02
Oct 3 Record book for library $.50
Nov 24 Part payment for books for library $16.00
Dec 8 1-2 dozen silver stars $1.02
Dec 20 Returned to classes for Christmas $1.45
Dec 22 Repairing song book $2.40
Dec 28 Lessons for Intermed and Primary $4.33
Dec 28 Cradle roll expenses $1.34
Jun 7 to Oct 15 Ice for summer, stamps and money order fees for year $1.99
Dec 31 Chairs for Primary Dept $2.00
Dec 31 Christmas tress, candies, etc. $5.35
Dec 31 Balance on books for Library $9.00
Total Expenditures for 1903 $100.86

Balance cash on hand, an in bank, Jan 1st, 1904: $30.32

Report of the Chairman of the Trustees

In many church organization the function of The Board of Trustees is merely to hold title to the church property; but our constitution makes your trustees a business committee. Their province is to look after the business details of the church in those matters that are not of sufficient importance to come before the whole Church membership, or are too, cumbersome for so large a body to consider.

This is a wise provision of our constitution, as it enables the church to carry on its business affaire in a methodical way after the manner of the business world. Large bodies can attend to details only through sub-committee.

Your Board of Trustees has held monthly meeting throughout the year, and has attended to such matters as the heating and lighting of the church and the keeping up of the insurance, the care of the church property and other like matters, and, above all, the raising of the funds with which to meet our necessary expenses. This last item is the heavy burden which, our committee has had to bear.

Our membership is limited, and the expense is larger in proportion to the income in running a small church than in financing a large one. This is in strict accordance with the well known business law that the larger the scheme the smaller will be the rate of expense in proportion to the returns. In view of this fact we desire to set before the membership the need for each one to go down into his pocket as deeply as he reasonably can. In a large church a $10.00 subscription if often all that is needed from a man who is able to give $50.00 or $75.00.

But in our church we need the full $60.00 or $75.00 from the man who is able to give that amount.

I do not think it in the part of religion or of good sense for any individual to give more to his church than he can reasonably afford our  purpose in setting these matters before you now is only to let you see that your trustees have a real burden, and to ask each of you to do his part. We want to state also that we do not honor a $50.00 subscription from an individual who can afford it one whit more than a $5.00 subscription from from a person who is giving all his means will allow.

You have seen from the treasurer’s report that we are behind, and the amount of the deficit should be made up tonight. The amount is not large, so let us square our books with the close of our church year.

While on this subject I want particularly to call attention to the excellent report of the Sunday School as read by its secretary. The report is practically perfect as regards its finances; and the increase in attendance and the work of the teachers make a fine showing. I feel that we are progressing as a church. We have all been encouraged by the addition of a number of new names to our church roll during the year. This means help in all departments of our church work, and the new life that has come in invigorates the whole body. We are becoming better known as a potent forced for good in our community, and I feel that we have the respect of even those who are inclined to antagonize some of our views.

Our aims are not entirely focused upon our own needs. We find time to assist in other movements for good about us. That is the Unitarian spirit. Our own needs should be prominent in our own efforts, however. Our endeavors should be made after an orderly plan – not scattered too much. While earnestly striving to build up our membership, and seeking the inspiration that comes from number,  yet we realize that the strength of a church is not entirely numerical.

Its real strength is its atmosphere of helpful friendliness, of charity for others, and of devotion to truth. We are planning to have Dr. Slicer with us this spring, and we feel that he will be a powerful force for good not only among ourselves, but our community as well.

Let us all strive to make 1904 a record year in every way – in the temporal, social and spiritual affairs of our church.

01/11/04,  Jno. L. Moore,

Chairman Board of Trustees.

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 25   Folder: 04  Book: 01   Pages: 244 – 252 Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

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