Church of Our Father – Meeting Minutes of Apr 17, 1901 (Building Deed)

Apr 17, 1901

The Board of Trustees met in the Church Parlor at 8:20 pm.

Present: Messrs. Moore, St. Amand, Harding, Walker, Langston, Lederle, Mrs. Owen and Mrs. Behre.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Mr. Langston reported that steps had been taken to place a sign on Peachtree Street corner; also reported regarding removal of hydrant in yard.

The Treasurer made a verbal report on the state of the finances. As chairman of the Bundling Committee, Mr. St. Amand reported that he had received two communications from Mr. Lincoln, Treasurer, A.U.A., returning the ??? of cost of church, sent to him.  Mr. Lincoln stated that the Board of Trustees of the A.U.A. had passed a resolution instructing him as Treasurer to transfer the deed to the property to this body.  He suggested that this church name the sum to be inserted in the deed and that we pay the fees and cost of transfer.  It was the sense of the meeting that this sum to be inserted in the deed be made a nominal one.

Mr. Harding made the following report of church attendance:

Date Minister Attendance
Mar 24 Mr. Langston 47
Mar 31 Mr. Langston 62
Apr 7 Easter Sunday – Mr. Langston 60
Apr 14 Mr. Langston 51

It was suggested by Mr. Moore that due notice be given before the next quarterly meeting, to amend Article VI of the Constitution by omitting the clause “on the third Monday of each month.”

Mrs. Owen reported that the Women’s Alliance wish to furnish a bed in the Hospital for Incurables, to be know as the Unitarian Bed, the estimated expense to be about $10.00.  It was moved and voted that on April 28th a special collection be taken up of this purpose, after the regular offertory.

On motion of Mr. Langston, Mrs. J.L. Moore was requested to take charge of the beautifying of the grounds about the church and that for this purpose the amount of $5.00 contributed by the Syracuse, NY Alliance be used.

Meeting adjourned. 9 pm.


Frank Lederle, Clerk
Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 26 Folder: 02 Book: 02 Pages: 159 – 160
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

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