First Universalist Church – Meeting Minutes, Apr 30, 1901 (Financial Matter, Rabbi Visit)

Atlanta, GA. Apr 30, 1901

The regular monthly business meeting for May 1901 was held in the office of the Secretary 405 Gould Building on the evening of April 30, 1901.

The following members being present: R.M. Crone, F.M Marsh, J.C. Bond, C.W. Hubner, James Harvey and Dr. McGlauflin.

President called the meeting to order at 7:30pm and the reading of the minutes of the last business meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer Marsh submitted his report which showed a balance on hand of $30.16, all outstanding warrants having been paid in full.

Dr. McGlauflin made his final report as to funds in his hands as chairman of the Building Committee as follows:

Apr 9 Grace Gill .50
Apr 11 Miss Hefferman 1.00
Apr 20 Mr. & Mrs. Marshall .50
Apr 20 Berta Crone .25
Apr 26 On Veazy Window (from Ball) 25.00
Apr 29 Rent from King’s Daughters 9.25
Apr 29 On Good Templar Window 14.00
Total 50.50
Mar 20 Fred Eohols (Janitor Services) 3.50
Mar 20 Miss Martha Smith (Singing) 5.00
Apr 10 Bed Jones House 8.00
Apr 16 Dr. Perin (Japan Missionary) 10.00
Apr 16 Miss Cawthon (Choir) 5.00
Apr 22 Fred Eohols Janitor 3.00
Apr 27 Miss Cawthon (Choir) 5.00
Apr 29 Morgan Brown (Janitor Extra) 1.75
Apr 29 H M Veazy on account 10.00
Apr 29 ??? Rent Acct 14.00
Apr 29 Miss Cawthon 1.50
Apr 29 Easter Postage 1.50
Total Disbursements 68.25
Subtracting receipts 50.50
Bal Due Dr. McGlauflin 17.75

Upon motion a warrant for $17.75 was ordered drawn in Dr. McGlauflin’s favor for this amount.

Also a warrant was ordered drawn to pay bill owning by LaHatte Printing Co for $5.75.  Also a warrant for $15.00 was ordered drawn in favor of Colcord Lumber Co to be placed on our account.

A letter from Rabbi Brown of Columbus, Ga. relative to his giving a lecture in the church on “The Talmud” in the future addressed to Dr. McGlauflin was brought to the attention of the Board.  After some discussion the Secretary was instructed to answer said letter that it would not be practicable to have said lecture at present.

A letter from L.A. Awes (Archivist Note: Unsure of Spelling of last name) Central President asking the probable donation that the Atlanta parish would expect the coming year.

It seemed to be the sense of the Board that we should expect, at least, $900 the coming year and Dr. McGlauflin was instructed to answer said letter accordingly.

The matter of purchasing an additional 25 feet on E. Harris St adjoining our church lot was bought up and upon motion a committee consisting of H.W. McGlauflin and J.C. Bond was appointed for the purpose of seeing what could be done in this matter.

Upon motion duly seconded, the board meeting adjourned.


J.C. Bond

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 60   Folder: 01  Pages: 32 – 34
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

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