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January 17, 1896 - Members of First Universalist Church of Atlanta as of Jan 1896

Onward Journal of the Universalist Young People Contributions Letter from Atlanta. Our church in Atlanta draws its constituency from so many states, and from so many faiths, that I thought it would be a matter of interest to you all

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November 29, 1895 - Universalist Prepare for Booth at Atlanta 1895 Cotton Exposition

THE POST OFFICE MISSION BOOTH AT ATLANTA. The query raised by the Post Office Mission Commission in a recent issue of Onward, is meeting with no uncertain answer. ‘ā€¯Shall we bombard Atlanta?” was the question, and scarcely was it asked,

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November 15, 1895 - Universalists Booth Preparation for 1895 Atlanta Cotton Exposition

Shall we Bombard Atlanta? On to Atlanta. The cry has the right ring. We feel as though we belonged to the army of Sherman. We must have a church in Atlanta and it must be built by the young people.

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