What Makes Us Happy?

Lynne Dale

All these studies together show that money, fame and sex eventually bring us addiction, isolation and unhappiness. Yet scientists say it is in our DNA to want these things because we are supposed to procreate and populate the earth, and we need money, power and fame to do it. But here’s the thing: Mother Nature doesn’t really care if we are happy or not. So our humanity drives us to these things that make us miserable. And if you want to steer clear of it all, it seems like it’s a constant battle.

What does free us from all this? I was talking recently with the mother of my son Jordan’s new college roommate. My new best friend. We were discussing how we were going to deal with our empty nests – with both our boys going off to college. She said that we had to find our “flow activities.” Say what? She told me a flow activity is one that inspires and challenges you, but does not cause you stress. A flow activity is one in which you are so engaged that you lose track of time. It has to be an activity you think of as voluntary, enjoyable, but with clear goals to success. Could be taking up an instrument you always wanted to play. Painting. Taking care of dogs at a shelter. For my new friend, it was gardening.

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To Whom it May Concern: A Reflection

Granted, in the grand scheme of things my life is pretty good, but I feel like I have been challenged on so many levels that my head is spinning and every direction has a problem. One of those levels is my belief structure. Because I have young children and, to a degree, I am still “young” as a UU, I don’t feel like I am standing on bedrock with what EXACTLY I believe for all situations. So, I have been wrestling with questions from my children and in my own head. What do I believe about life after death? If there is “something” after death, what does that look like? Do I believe in a higher power? If, so does that higher power “challenge” me when I need it and/or can handle it? I feel like being a UU encourages me to ask these questions versus answering them for me.

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Being a UU Just Ain’t for Everybody

Glenn Koller

So, I believe that the UU movement is destined to remain RELATIVELY small because, like the UNhappy children, it’s been my experience that we UUs revel in the dearth of rules, we cherish the JOURNEY that is asking questions to which we likely will get no answers, we covet our right to UNcertainty, and we absolutely love the diversity of our membership. Being a UU – it just ain’t for everybody.

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  Dear Friends, For those of you that weren’t in service this past Sunday, I announced from the pulpit that Gail and I, after 18 years together, have decided to get married in Washington, DC. Currently, the plans are to have a small ceremony on Friday, December 13 at All Souls Church Unitarian. We had talked about having a commitment […]

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About Charisma

  Dear Friends, On Tuesday morning, I found myself sitting on I-85 waiting to exit on Sugarloaf Parkway along with hundreds of other cars. As we inched our way to the ramp, I noticed “Emory University” logos on more than a few vehicles’ back windows, as well as those cobalt blue “Coexist” bumper stickers – all of which led me […]

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Grass Seeds

Dear Friends, This is the time of year when Gail and I, once again, attempt to grow grass. We have three ancient cherry trees and a tall Gingko tree in our front yard, so the area we seed each year isn’t large. And, because it receives a lot of shade, we have typically planted fescue which holds up better in […]

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Love is a Choice

by Laura E. Montgomery Delivered at Northwest Unitarian Universalist Congregation on June 2 2013 Good morning. I’m here to share a few of my thoughts and experiences related to my ongoing search for life’s meaning and purpose. Some call this search a spiritual journey, but it doesn’t matter what we call these efforts. Many years ago I read somewhere that love […]

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