Unitarian Church of Atlanta – Meeting Minutes, Jul 21, 1907 (Resignation of Treasurer/Pulpit Update)

Atlanta, Ga., July 21, 1907

A called meeting of the church was held July 21st at eleven o’clock, 80 members of the church being present.

Mr. J.C. Peck chairman called the meeting to order. By motion of Mr. Francis, the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting were dispensed with.

The Clerk stated the business before the meeting was to act on the resignation of Mr. J.G. St. Amand treasurer. The letter of resignation and a statement of treasurer’s account and check to balance same of $37.52 was read by the clerk (see copy attached – Archivist Note: See Treasurer’s Resignation Letter below).

After some discussion it was moved and seconded that the resignation be accepted with regrets, carried.

Mr. Douglas offered the following resolution regarding the resignation (see copy attached).

By unanimous vote, Mr. Cliff C. Perkins was elected to fill the vacancy.

The next business before the meeting was the report of the pulpit supply committee Mr. Moore, secretary, reading some very encouraging letter from Dr. Shippen relating to his interview with President Elliott (Archivist Note: President of the American Unitarian Association; proper spelling of name Eliot), the subject mater of which was the getting of a first class man to fill the pulpit of the Atlanta church and a willingness of the president of the Association to help materially in the future of the Atlanta church.

There being a vacancy our pulpit supply committee by the resignation of Mr. St. Amand, Mr J.R. Watts was elected to supply the place.

Meeting then adjourned.


J.E. Harding, Clerk

Treasurer’s Resignation Letter

To the members of the Unitarian Church, Atlanta, Ga.

Having aced as Treasurer of the church continuously since November 15, 1897 – always performing not only the duties of the office, but every other obligation placed up me willingly and zealously, in my opinion a charge of officers is now advisable and will prove beneficial so have decided to tender my resignation to take effect immediately.

I enclose my personal check #1203 on the Atlanta National Bank payable to the Unitarian Church for $26.52 to cover funds in my hands has shown in the detailed report delivered to Mr. J.E. Harding Clerk, to be submitted for approval at Special meeting to be held Sunday, July 21, 1907 and afterwards spread upon the church minutes for future reference.



J.G. St. Amand


Be it resolved, that this congregation do thank Jos. F. St. Amand for his long and earnest service as Treasure and Ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Church of Atlanta.

That we appreciate the zeal of his untiring devotion to our Cause and that while he feels implied to tender his resignation as Treasure we welcome with gladness the assurance of his continued co-operation in all other departments of the church.

That a copy of these resolutions be spread upon the minutes and furnished him by the clerk.

Attest, J.E. Harding, Clerk

Treasurer’s Report

Report of the Treasurer of the Unitarian Church receipts receipts and disbursements form from January 1, 1907 to July 19, 1907 inclusive.

To amount in hand Jan. 1, 1907 brought forward from the year 1906 as shown in annual repot
Note of H.A. Smith paid March 17, 1907 $25.00
Note Ralph H. Brown (unpaid) $37.50
Check C. H. Behre paid May 7, 1907 $46.25
Cash on Hand Jan 1, 1907 $15.33
Total $124.08
Receipts Amount
J.G. St. Amand $50.00
Dr. W.A. Jackson $25.00
Basket Collection $113.90
Dr. C.E. Hall $10.00
J.B. Frost $25.00
Special Collection A.U.A. $27.10
W.M. Francis $15.00
C.H. Behre $12.50
Julius R. Watts $25.00
R.G. Wells  $7.00
Miss Hattie Martin $20.00
G.E. Fowle $5.00
John L. Moore $50.00
A.F. Walker $12.50
D.E. Spencer $26.00
T.C. Perkins $12.50
F. Schwoon $4.00
American Unitarian Association $112.50
Frank Lederle $50.00
Woman’s Alliance $70.00
Hugh C. Scott $12.50
Mrs. K.E. Govan $6.00
J.C. Peck $50.00
Miss Gardner (Through Dr. Shippen) $100.00
Cora P. Williams $20.00
Hamilton Douglas $25.00
Total Receipts $1,010.58
Rev. R.R. Shippen $650.00
Mrs. M.F. Wynne $78.00
Mrs. T.A, Burke $47.00
Mrs. A.M. Lederle $18.00
Erwin Mueller $3.00
A.U.A. Special Collection $27.10
Mrs. F.E. Brownell $6.00
Mrs. Helene Krauser $7.50
Expense Acct – Lights, Fuel, Water, etc. $60.46
Janitor $38.50
Sub Total Disbursements $935.56
Note of Ralph H. Brown deceased – uncollected $37.50
July 19, 1907 to check J.G. St. Amand #1203 on Atlanta Nat. Bank to cover balance in his hands $37.52

Respectfully submitted,


J.G. St.Amand

Atlanta, Ga., July 19, 1907

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 25 Folder: 06 Book: 01  Pages: 312 – 313
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

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