Funeral Services for Rev. G.I. Keirn


Funeral services for the late Dr. G. I. Keirn were held in Cincinnati, Ohio, Friday, Oct. 27, conducted by the Rev. Harry Adams Hersey, assisted by the Rev. John E. Price. Mr. Price read the Scriptures; Mr. Hersey delivered an address, read Dr. Hodge’s “How Will It Be?” and offered prayer. A delegation from the Muncie church, which Dr. Keirn served, headed by Dr. Ball, went to Cincinnati for the funeral and were joined there by former parishioners of Dr. Keirn whom Mr. Hersey had notified. Mrs. Keirn was unable to be present, but Dr. Toepel, the good Universalist physician of Atlanta, accompanied the body, which was cremated after the services.

Mr. Hersey arranged memorial services in the Muncie church for Sunday morning. Oct. 29, preaching the sermon. With his usual thoughtfulness he cabled the sad news to the Universalist Mission in Japan.

Beautiful floral pieces sent from Atlanta and Muncie were taken to Muncie for the memorial services and were then distributed to fourteen homes of the sick or shut in.

Dr. Keirn last officiated at the church in Atlanta on Oct.8. when he received into the membership of the church a Methodist, a Baptist minister and a Jew. He collapsed toward the close of the service from angina pectoris and died on Oct. 25.

Though Mrs. Keirn was exhausted from two weeks of incessant nursing, her general health is good.

Source: The Universalist Leader found in Google Books, Nov. 11, 1922, page 20

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