Church of Our Father – Meeting Minutes of Nov 3, 1890 (Annual Meeting)

Atlanta, Ga. Nov 3, 1890
The regular annual meeting of the members of the Church of Our Father was held at the church this evening at eight o’clock.
The meeting was opened with prayer by Mr. Chaney. Mr. Harding presented at the opening of the meeting sixteen members were present.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

The Treasurer then read an able and instructive report which was with much pleasure received and passed to the auditing committee appointed; Messrs. Winslow and Norrman.

Upon motion of Mr. Crafts duly seconded, the following were appointed as a committee for nominating officers for the following year, Messrs. Crafts and Norrman and Mrs. Swift.

The reported as follows:

  • Clerk – E.P. Burns
  • Treasurer – J.Y. Dixon
  • Trustee to fill vacancy of the board, Mr. E.C. Gardner
  • The Board was authorized to keep its full members by selecting member for itself when occasion required.
  • The Auxiliary Committee – Mrs. Swift, Mrs. Gude and Mrs. Robertson.

All nominations made were confirmed by the vote of the Secretary who acting under instruction given by providing motion made by Mr. Dixon cast the vote of the assembly making all elections unanimous.

The full board of directors then standing consisted of Messrs. E.C. Gardner, Geo. H. Crafts, J.E. Harding, T.H. Kennedy, G.L. Norrman, W.C. Fisher, T.M. Winslow and E.P. Burns and J.Y. Dixon ex officio.

Upon motion of Mr. Gardner, Mrs. Van Pelt seconding, Mrs. Wade Harding was elected librarian.

The Pastor report was then read. It was interesting and instructive and delightfully presented yet all viewed it with sadness as it was the parting address of our beloved leader.

Upon motion of Mr. Dixon, a committee of five was elected to draft resolutions suitable to the occasion of the resignation of Mr. Chaney as pastor. They were: Messrs. Dixon, E.P. Burns and Gardner and Mrs. Swift and Mrs. Gude.

No further regular business transacted and after informal conversation and expressions of regret about Mr. Chaney’s resignation, the meeting adjourned 10 pm.


E.P. Burns, Secretary

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 25   Folder: 02  Book: 01   Pages: 160 – 161
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA


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