Unitarian Church of Atlanta – Meeting Minutes, Oct 11, 1905 (Rev. Sanborn Called as Pastor)

Atlanta, Ga., October 11, 1906

The regular quarterly meeting of the church was held this evening in the Sunday school room, present: Mr. & Mrs. J.P. Watts, Mr. & Mrs. John L. Moore, Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton Douglas, Mr. & Mrs. Dr. W.A. Jackson, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lederle,  Mr. & Mrs. W.M.Francis, Dr. & Mrs. Van Valen, Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Govan,  Mr. & Mrs. Beardsley,  Mr. & Mrs. D.L. Spencer,  Mrs. Alice Daniels,  Mrs. Alfredo Barili, Mrs. H.A. Smith,  Mrs. Longley,  Miss Sarah G. Whaley,  Miss Hattie Martin, Miss Harding, Miss Barili, Misses Gertrude, Margeret, Marie Francis Lederle, Mr. Young,  J.B. Frost, J.E. Harding,  Ralph Daniels,  Alfred Barili and J.G. St. Amand.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Watts.

Minutes of special meeting of May 21st read and approved.

Treasurer’s report read, approved and ordered spread on the minutes. See detailed report following minutes of meeting.

Miss Hattie Martin explained to the meeting the condition of the old books in the library and asked that a committees be appointed with power to make some disposition of them. Mr. Douglas moved that the teachers of the Sunday school with Mrs. Behre as Chairman be appointed as a committee with full power to act in the matter – Carried.

At the suggestion of the Chairman of the meeting, the report of the committee appointed at the special meeting of the church, held May 21st, on pulpit supply, was read by the Chairman J.G. St. Amand said report following the minutes of the meeting. On motion of Mr. J.B. Frost which was seconded by Dr. W.A. Jackson, Hamilton Douglas, Miss Sarah G. Whaley and others, the report of the committee on pulpit supply was unanimously adopted, the expression of the meeting being indicated by a rising vote . Chairman Watts delegated the entire committee on pulpit supply, to convey to Rev. Moore Sanborn the action of the meeting of the church, the committee after notifying Rev. Mr. Sanborn invited Mr. Sanborn to meet the members and friends present. Mr. Sanborn made a happy little talk, expressing his appreciation of the action of the meeting, after which refreshments were served.

After adjourment all present on leaving were of but one mind and started for their homes with light hearts, believing that under the leadership of Rev. Moore Sanborn the church would attain to the importance so earnestly looked for by its entire membership in this growing city.


J.E. Harding, Clerk

Treasurer’s Report

Report of the Treasurer covering receipts and disbursements from January 1, 1905 to October 11, 1905

Receipts Amount
Jan 1, 1905 To amount in hands of Treasurer $64.58
Receipts from all sources Jan 1, 1905 to Oct. 11, 1905 $891.10
Total Receipts 955.68


Disbursements Amount
Rev. C.A. Langston $600.00
Mrs. A.M. Lederle, organist $56.50
Mrs. S.D. Smith, soloist $30.00
Prof. Mueller, violinist $30.00
A.U.A. church contribution $20.66
A.U.A. for Sunday school $2.70
ex. account coal, lights, etc. $44.20
 Total Disbursements $854.33
Amount in hands of Treasurer $101.35

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 25   Folder: 05  Book: 01 Book: 02 Pages: 274 – 276
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

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