Unitarian Church of Atlanta – Meeting Minutes, Jun 19, 1906 (Quarterly Meeting)

Atlanta, Ga., June 19, 1906

A quarterly meeting of the church was held this evening in the Sunday school room, twenty-five members being present.

The meeting was called to order by Vice Chairman John L. Moore.

The Clerk read minutes of all meetings held since the annual meeting, which were unanimously approved.

The Treasurer submitted a report of the receipts and disbursements from Jan.1, 1906 to June 19, 1906 inclusive which will be found in detail following the minutes of the meeting.

Receipts Amount
Amount in hands of the Treasurer Jan.1, 1906 $ 118.65
Collections from Jan.1, 1906 to June 19, 1906 $1,280.69
Total Receipts $1,399.24
Disbursements $1,330.92
Amount in the hands of the Treasurer $68.32

The Clerk reported attendance for five Sundays preceding meeting as follows:

  • May 20th – 105
  • May 27th – 106
  • June 3rd – 106
  • June 10th – 120
  • June 17th – 114
  • Total – 550
  • Average – 110

By request Rev. Moore Sanborn made an informal report of the meeting of the Southern Conference held at Louisville, Ky., May 8th –  9th and 10th 1906. He reported that the Atlanta church was represented by seven delegates which was the largest in attendance at the meeting. The Louisville meeting was full of good cheer, it was the desire to hold the next Conference at Chattanooga, Tenn.

Owing to the absence of Mr. Chas. H. Behre the delegate appointed to represent our church at the annual meeting of the A.U.A., which was held at Boston, Mass., no report was made of said meeting.

Mr. Hamilton Douglas made a verbal report of the Sunday school, saying that the school was a good one, and asked the earnest co-operation of the members of the church by at least lending their presence occasionally.

The question of closing the church during July and August while the pastor was off on vacation was freely discussed, and upon motion it was decided not to hold services during July and August, but in order to maintain interest in the church work, it was decided to continue the Sunday school during July changing the hour to 1:100 A.M. and holding the Sunday school in the auditorium, at which all of the older members of the church who were present promised to attend Sunday school as long as it was continued during the absence of the pastor.

There being no further business, on motion the meeting adjourned, after which under the auspices of the ladies of the Woman’s Alliance a social was held, and refreshments served, some seventy-five members and friends attending the social, which was served upstairs and a very pleasant and enjoyable time was had by every one present.


J.E. Harding, Clerk

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report covering receipts and disbursements form  from Jan 1, 1906 to June 19, 1906 inclusive.

Receipts Amount
Amount in hands of Treas. Jan 1, 1906 $118.55
Sunday Collections $217.51
J.B. Frost $24.00
D.E. Spencer $46.50
J.G. St. Amand $48.00
F. Schwoon $4.00
Socius Club $6.60
C.H. Behre $18.75
Mrs. Annie F. Taylor $15.00
Special Collection A.U.A. $15.00
Opera House Collections $142.88
Opera House deficit           $140.00 $282.88
A.U.A. $150.00
Julius R. Watts $20.00
W.M. Francis $22.80
Frank Lederle $30.00
Hugh C. Scott $12.50
A.F. Walker $12.50
Mrs. Rose S. Colvin $3.00
Ralph H. Brown $12.50
Miss Hattie Martin $10.00
Geo. E. Fowle $5.00
Hamilton Douglas $25.00
John L. Moore $50.00
Woman’s Alliance $75.00
R.G. Wells $6.00
San Francisco Sufferers $50.65
Mrs. A. Karstrand $2.50
Mrs. Alfredo Barili $10.00
Mrs. Cora P. Williams $30.00
Mrs. U.O. Robertson $25.00
J.C. Peck $50.00
Sub Total Receipts $1,280.60
Amount in hands of Treas. Jan 1, 1906 $118.55
Total Receipts $1,399.24
Rev. Moore Sanborn $687.50
Opera House Expense $329.25
Mrs. A.M. Lederle $31.50
Erwin Mueller $10.00
Mrs. A.M. Wynne $63.75
E.C. Paine $22.50
Special Collection A.U.A. $15.00
E.H. Thornton Treas $50.65
Church Repairs $22.80
Ex. A/C fuel, lights, etc. $51.97
Janitor $42.00
Sub Total Disbursements $1,330.92
Amount in hand of Treasurer today $68.32


Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 25   Folder: 05  Book: 01   Pages: 293 – 295
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

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