UNIverse Weekly April 2-8, 2021

UNIverse Weekly April 2-8, 2021

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 April 2-8, 2021


Sunday, April 4 The Wisdom of a Slow Resurrection; A Drive-In Easter” 

Very soon this spring we will celebrate the emergence of a local brood of seventeen-year cicadas!  How noisy and exciting that will be!  As the buried cicadas taking their sweet time to rise again teach us, resurrection can take a lot longer than three days (because we’re not Jesus).  Let’s CELEBRATE being together as we rise and emerge into a brand new -and very slow- resurrection of our very own.  It sure is taking longer than three days, but we can rejoice that it certainly won’t take seventeen years! 

Drive-In Easter

Our Easter service will be live with several ways to participate:
On Zoom
Via Facebook
In your car in the NW parking lot!

Here is how the in-person service will work:

-An usher will greet you as you enter the parking lot and will hand out orders of service. You will be given instructions on how to tune in using your FM radio to the 88.3 frequency.

-Drivers will be directed to park in 1st row as you enter the lot, closest to stage and facing the stage. As each row fills, the ushers will guide cars to the next row. Cars will be staggered to improve visibility for all.

-Ushers will repeat filling additional rows as space allows.

-They will direct cars to the overflow spaces (back of parking lot) after all available rows are filled. 
-In the overflow spaces, cars will be directed to back-in to the spot if possible (allows view of stage).

-The ushers will direct cars that wish to leave immediately after the service by releasing 1st row of cars first. 

-Following the service there will be tours of the renovations! Be sure to wear your masks!

Please arrive no later than 9:45 am! This is our first outdoor service, and we are doing all we can to make it a joyous gathering.

There might even be a visit by the Easter Bunny…

The login for Zoom is https://nwuuc.org/zoom/ or follow the service on our Facebook page. Stay tuned in afterwards for our Coffee Hour at 11 am.


Call for Chalice Lighters

We are seeking chalice lighters for May. NWUUC welcomes participation in the weekly Sunday service. Options to participate include lighting a chalice via Zoom during the service or submitting a video to re@nwuuc.org that can be played during the service. LED lighting options can be used instead of a flame. Please use this link to sign up:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050F4AAEAC2F4-chalice





Happy Easter, Northwest!

Easter Parade” by Irving Berlin (1888–1989)


Irving Berlin was born Israel Baline on May 11, 1888, in the village of Tyumen, Russia.  His family fled to escape the region’s persecution of the Jewish community and settled in New York City in the mid-1890s.  As a teen, Baline worked as a street singer, and by 1906 he had become a singing waiter in Chinatown. He first published the lyrics for the tune “Marie From Sunny Italy” in 1907 with Nick Nicholson penning the music.  As the lyricist, Baline’s name was misspelled as “I. Berlin” on the sheet music.  He decided to keep the name, becoming known professionally as Irving Berlin.  In 1916 he became a U.S. citizen and upon serving in World War I, composed the musical, Yip! Yip! Yaphank!” as an Army fund-raiser in1918 that included Ragtime styled tunes and the hit, “Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning,” a soldier’s lament over the sound of the bugle at dawn.

Berlin proceeded to become a lyricist for the music publishing company Waterson & Snyder.  He released a major hit in 1911, “Alexander’s Ragtime Band,” earning him the nickname “King of Tin Pan Alley.”  He was diligent in his writing efforts and was self-taught as a pianist, never learning how to read music and playing in the key of F-sharp, working with a special transcribing keyboard and assistants to explore other keys.  

Nonetheless, by the second decade of the 20th century, Berlin had composed more than 1,500 songs and scores for dozens of musicals and films.  Among his best known big-screen works were “Puttin’ on the Ritz” (1929), “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” (1938), and three Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers films, including Top Hat (1935), which featured “Cheek to Cheek,” and “Follow the Fleet” (1936), which featured “Let’s Face the Music and Dance.”  The1942 film, Holiday Inn, showcased Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas,” which became the highest-selling tune in history.  The song, “Easter Parade” was composed in 1948.

With his Broadway collaborator, Victor Herbert, Berlin became a charter member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers [ASCAP] in 1914.  And in 1919 he founded the Irving Berlin Music Corporation which gave him full control of his copyrights.

Berlin created patriotic fervor with his composition of “God Bless America,” first sung by Kate Smith in 1938 and becoming an unofficial national anthem of the United States.  After World War II, Berlin struck Broadway gold again with 1946’s Annie Get Your Gun, which starred Ethel Merman and featured his songs, “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better”, “I Got the Sun in the Morning” and “There’s No Business Like Show Business.”  He would ultimately be nominated for nine Academy Awards winning in 1943 for “White Christmas.”  Many of Berlin’s songs became popular hits and are considered part of the American Music Standards canon, having been covered by a multitude of vocal and instrumental music artists.

Berlin quote:

“The songwriter must look upon his work as a business, that is, to make a success of it, he must work and work, and then WORK.” —Irving Berlin

Easter Parade” Kids: https://youtube.com/watch?v=XflSnFQt28c&feature=share

Easter Parade”: Al Jolson: https://youtube.com/watch?v=6JoG-g4eeNI&feature=share

Article Source: https://www.biography.com/musician/irving-berlin


Would you like to schedule a private meeting with Rev. Misha? Please call the main number, 770-955-1408, to set up a time.

If you have a joy or sorrow you would like to have shared in the UNIverse, please call or email Rev. Joan Davis at 404-275-0236 or joanarmstrongdavis@gmail.com.

From Rev. Joan
“The Case for Eastering”

At this time of year, and especially during our springtime celebrations, many of us tend to think of contrasts: coldness – warmth, darkness – light, winter – spring, death – new life. The Jewish Passover and certainly Easter in the Christian tradition feature stories that offer such contrasts. And most of us, I think, are more comfortable with the happier side of each contrast. We live in difficult, even disturbing times. Perhaps the notion that the word “Easter” works best as a verb can be helpful here.

Please keep in mind those in our congregation who are ill, hospitalized or recovering, as well as those grieving a loss. Your prayers, healing thoughts, cards and emails are welcome.

John Wienert continues to be in a long-term rehab facility following a fall.

Sara Swint, a longtime friend of Northwest, passed away Friday evening, March 12, after a recent liver and abdominal cancer diagnosis. Sara spent many Sunday mornings in the nursery with Nancy Johnson caring for our children.

If you are going through difficult times and would like emotional support or are in any situation where support and caring are needed contact:

Rev. Misha Sanders, Senior Minister, 770-955-1408 
Rev. Joan A. Davis, Community Minister, 404-275-0236
Maria Drinkard, 678-644-6480
Karen Edmonds, 770-851-1354
Ashley Fournier Goodnight  903-278-1923
Linton Hopkins, 678-938-8858
Valerie Johnson, 470-209-9864
Lil Woolf, 404-276-6189

(770) 955-1408    Office Hours M-F 9 am to 5 pm     office@nwuuc.org


Update on HVAC replacement and
Notice of Special Congregational Meeting

April 11, following worship service

Our new Subramanian Hall and our added Sanctuary space have new HVAC systems. Two of the remaining HVAC systems in the Sanctuary building need to be replaced. Our bylaws, as they currently stand, allow the Board to spend up to $5,000 without seeking input from the congregation; the new units will cost $14,290, which includes installation.  The Board has two items for the congregation to consider and on which to vote.

1. Our Gardens and Spaces Guru, Beryl Grall, along with at-large Board member Larry Wallis, in consultation with John Hagler and Dave Zenner, have been assessing the situation and have thoroughly investigated five different vendors. They have made a recommendation for the vendor they believe will be our best choice at our last Board meeting. Their recommendation is attached below (attachment A). We have approximately $49,000 in our reserve fund—the fund that we won’t dip into except for dire emergencies or major repairs that can’t be covered out of our Operating Budget. This is one of those occasions.
2. In addition, the Board has been discussing the need to change the upper limit of major expenditures allowed by our current bylaws. The $5,000 limit has been in place for over 30 years and is out of date in today’s economy. The Board is seeking the authority to make an expenditure of up to 8% of the annual budget as a new threshold. (For example, if the budget were $250,000 the Board could spend up to $20,000 if necessary). Please see the attached proposal for this change (attachment B).
This is the official notification of a special congregational meeting to be held virtually immediately following the service on April 11, 2021, which will be for the purpose of approving the expenditure for the HVAC replacement and for a bylaws revision that changes the amount the Board can expend for major repairs or emergencies. For this type of meeting, a large expenditure and bylaws revision, it is necessary per the bylaws to have a quorum of 40% of the congregation voting. With our current membership listed as 168 that means we need 68 people to vote, whether in the virtual meeting or by proxy. If you cannot be at the meeting but plan to vote, please ask another member to submit your proxy but also email the Board secretary in advance with your decision at board@nwuuc.org. Please plan to participate in this important vote.
Lil Woolf
President, Northwest Board of Trustees

Attachment A
Attachment B

From Melissa Niedermeyer–Stewardship Ministry 


The Northwest Stewardship Ministry is pleased to announce that we have so far received 34 pledges totaling $108,061!  We are halfway to our goal of $200,000!  Our congregation is clearly committed to and generous towards our Home in the Woods, we are so grateful that you are all dreaming of being together in community and performing the good work of this congregation with us!  If you have not already made your pledge, the Stewardship Committee invites you to use nwuuc.org/pledge to make your pledge for the 21-22 fiscal year. Remember, our dreams come true when we put the foundations under them.  We need you!!

Cameron Moore
Melissa Niedermeyer
Gwen Kahn

Flower Fundraiser


Support Northwest by purchasing seeds and plants online!  Help us meet our fundraising goal this year. Flower bulbs make great gifts!  Seeds ship now and all other orders will ship later in March.   http://nwuuc2021.fpfundraising.com

General Assembly:
The UU Association’s Annual Meeting
Theme this year:  
Circle ‘Round for Justice * Healing * Courage

This year, like last year, will be a 100% virtual GA, held June 23-27, 2021.  Attending in person is, of course, the most fun way to attend, but last year’s virtual session was phenomenal, and we expect it will be even better this year.  Northwest is allotted four delegate positions, based on our membership size, and in addition, our minister also is automatically a delegate.  But you can attend and not be a delegate—you just don’t get to vote. If you want to register ($200) or check out the entire program, click here.  Registration is open now!



For many, singing in the choir is a key part of coming together as UUs at General Assembly. This year, instead of joining our voices in person, let’s join our voices in a virtual choir! Each singer will record a video of themselves singing, and those individual videos will be edited into one glorious combined video to be premiered during GA. Advance registration is required and space is limited.

NWUUC Book Groupies

The NWUUC Book Groupies will meet Tuesday, April 13th, at 7 pm on Zoom to discuss Good Kings, Bad Kings by Susan Nussbaum. This book was a previous Pen/Bellwether Prize winner for Socially Engaged Fiction and “follows the lives of a group of typical teenagers – alienated, funny and yearning for autonomy – who live in an institution for juveniles with disabilities”. This book “challenges our definitions of what it means to live with disability”.

If you would like to join our discussion of this book please call Penny Raney at 770-551-8817 and we will put you on our Zoom list. Also, if you would like to order a copy of this book call this same number to order. All profits on book sales go to NWUUC. 

Covid Vaccine Information Update

The Covid Vaccine information has a new number, 844-554-4024. Text VAX to this number or visit https://discodroid.ai/vaxapp/, and the system will alert you when appointments open up in the following counties: DeKalb, Fulton, Clayton, Gwinnett, Rockdale and Newton.

IT Help Desk


If you need help using Zoom to log into the service or a church online meeting, logging into Realm, our webpage Nwuuc.org or into our Facebook Group page, we have a team of experts who can help.   This desk is managed by Cameron Moore, Katy Lockhart, Kuru George, David Morgen and Russ Martin. To reach one of them email your questions to techhelp@nwuuc.org. One of them will respond with answers.

Shop NWUUC Merch

Check out Northwest’s new merchandise shop at Zazzle for T-shirts, polos, and now, masks!

If you’re interested in submitting merchandise designs, please email Cameron Moore at stewardship@nwuuc.org.

  Visit https://www.themountainrlc.org/mountaincamp

Spots for Mountain Camp are limited this year and are filling up.
Many Covid -19 protocols are being put in place. For all the latest news, visit The Mountain website.



Peg Gary 04/04

Michael Burke 04/05

Melissa Niedermeyer 04/05

David Niedermeyer 04/06

Ruth Subramanian 04/06

Jesse Williams 04/11

Priscilla Hopkins 04/13

David Self 04/13

David Morgen 04/15

Stephanie Bullard 04/22

Ellington Chau 04/26

Anniversaries (by year joined)

Charlotte Alyea 04/25/1982

Jack Edmonds 04/12/1987

Karen Edmonds 04/12/1987

Donna McComas 04/30/1995

Richard McComas 04/30/1995

David Morgen 04/21/2007

Kaye McCall 04/22/2007

Joan Armstrong-Davis 04/21/2010

Stephanie Dietz 04/10/2011

Maria Drinkard 04/15/2012

Pam Zenner 04/15/2012

Katy Lockhart 04/10/2016

Keith Lockhart 04/10/2016

Jill Benton 04/17/2016

Marty Bush 04/17/2016

Kristina Banks 04/15/2018

Michael Burke 04/15/2018

Mary Anne Ericson 04/15/2018

Amy Hartsough 04/15/2018

Randy Raymond 04/21/2018

Kara Shaw 04/14/2019


Sunday, April 4
10:00am Worship (Drive-in Service.  Arrive by 9:45)

11:00am Tour of Renovations 


Board of Trustees 2020-2021

President                          Lil Woolf   president@nwuuc.org
President-Elect                 Lynne Dale
Finance Trustee                Pam Freeman  finance@nwuuc.org
Secretary                          Sandy Davis  board@nwuuc.org
Imm. Past President         David Stewart
Trustee at Large               Larry Wallis
Trustee at Large               Grier Page
Trustee at Large (youth)   Chloe Morgen
Ministries Team Leaders
Communications: Jenn Meunier Miller
Community: Brian Freeman 
Gardens & Spaces: Beryl Grall-Petty 
Justice: Dave Zenner 
Adult Learning Lead: Marilyn Matlock, Co-Lead: Sally Mitchell
Stewardship Lead: Cameron Moore, Co-Leads: Gwen Kahn & Melissa Niedermeyer

Rev. Misha Sanders, Senior Minister
Rev. Joan Davis, Community Minister
Adia Fields-Udofia, Religious Education Director
Dr. Philip Rogers, Music Director




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