BESC Report: Building Progress and Schedule

The first phase of construction is now well underway and it’s easy to see the changes to the land on our beautiful property. For the time being, the area behind our building will be off limits – please do not assume that it’s safe to “take a look.” The safety of each and every person is the top priority. 

The weather has caused a delay of one week, but the foundations are expected to be poured in the next two weeks, weather permitting. 

Trees Some trees had to be removed but later we will be replacing them (in different locations) and adding trees. The approval for us to rent the Chalice House for a school came with several conditions, including planting a line of trees between the playground and our neighbor’s property. At a future date, we will ask for volunteers to help plant the trees that must be in place before we can receive our Certificate of Occupancy. 

Art Gallery We will need to relocate the items in the storage closet at the back of the sanctuary to the Art Gallery in a few weeks. The Art Gallery will not likely be suitable for the meetings that are typically held there but space in the Chalice House is available. Volunteers are needed to relocate items in the storage room and the date will be announced soon when we will need a few people who are able to move the items. We will also be coordinating with Sai Baba about moving their items from multiple locations into the Art Gallery, for the duration. 

Finances To date, we have collected $663,000 in pledges. $107,000 in pledges have not yet been fulfilled. If you have not fulfilled your pledge, please do so to ensure that the building progress can proceed on schedule. 

Three members have pledged to give Northwest interest-free loans for the building project. The total of these loans is $25,000. If you are able to lend NWUUC funds for this project, you will be repaid in 10 years or less. Please consider making this type of loan.

Thank you from the BESC:
Constance Dierickx
Kristen Fowks
Hannah Cowart
Dave Zenner