Thank You

Thank you for sitting on counters
In trees
On the floor
But a chair
Just because you can

Thank you for singing
For humming
Not caring who hears
For dancing and skipping
Not caring who sees
Just because you’re happy

Thank you for the “I’m sorry”s
To your cat
To a bumped table
To a nudged book or a kicked tree root

Just out of habit

Thank you for the doodles
In paper margins
On fogged windows
On your arm
For making something beautiful
Just because you’re bored

Thank you for loving your pet
For giving them nicknames
For using that special voice
For your smile when you see them
For talking to them when no one’s around or when everyone’s around
Just because they’re different doesn’t mean they aren’t your friend

Thank you for how you treat strangers
For a hand wave in the car
For a friendly smile
For earnest compliments
For all the hurried ‘scuse me’s and awkward ‘thank you’s
Just because they are human too

Thank you for living
For your work days and fun days
For being confident
For being unsure
For your laugh
For your tears
For your purest self
For being human
Thank you