We Launched Our Rocket: Thank you!

We launched our rocket towards the future and it has landed safely and successfully.  We thank everyone who donated an item for the auction, everyone who purchased an item for the auction, everyone who bought a raffle ticket, everyone who attended and all the volunteers who offered their time and effort to make a successful landing possible.  This couldn’t have been accomplished without the total teamwork of the congregation.

Our gross fundraising total for the auction hovers around $10,000. We still have some costs to figure and are collecting the final funds. Our finance trustee will soon be able to announce the exact dollar value of the auction fundraising.

It took many hands to bring together all the details to make this event a coordinated effort. This included the Live Auction, the Silent Auction, the Dinner and the Raffle.  We want to extend a special thank you to everyone who volunteered to help with any part of the event. 

We could not have achieved our goal without the efforts of the following volunteers: Pat Anglin, Anne Bennett, Jack Edmonds, John Hager, Priscilla Hopkins, Marilyn Matlock, Larry Wallis, Lil Woolf and Pam Zenner, along with members of the Auction Committee: Verna Barrett, Helen Borland, Kat Benoy, Constance Dierickx, Michael Dierickx, Karen Edmonds, Beryl Grall, Linton Hopkins, Katy Lockhart, John Montgomery and Traci Montgomery.

An extraordinary volunteer, Linton Hopkins, made the Raffle possible this year. He procured the two gift certificates for the Raffle and made it happen. A heartfelt thank you to Linton for this special gift.

We offer a special tribute to our auctioneer Tony Barbagallo.  An auction at Northwest would not be an auction without Tony as our fantastic auctioneer.  He makes everything happen, makes it fun and somehow stays within a tough time frame.  We bid adieu until next year.