October 2017 UNIverse

In Atlanta, October brings the first break from the heat of summer–but we’re not there yet! If you want to hang out with cool folks who are willing to take some heat to advance social justice, join us at Northwest for a Sunday or two or more this month or show up for one of the great programs featured in this month’s UNIverse.

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September 2017 UNIverse

“See you in September” has special meaning at Northwest. It’s the time when our programs resume and the pace of activities picks up after the summer lull. This month is no exception, with multiple opportunities for engagement, volunteering and good fun. Check out everything we have planned in this month’s UNIverse.

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August 2017 UNIverse

In August we return to our “regularly scheduled programming,” as Religious Education activities begin again on August 6 and our annual Water Communion service and Ingathering Potluck on August 27 mark the return of Rev. Terry Davis to the pulpit after her summer leave. We also have the exciting launch of our capital campaign on August 6, complete with a champagne brunch!

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July 2017 UNIverse

Summertime! In July, Northwest shifts to a lighter schedule, but there are still plenty of opportunities to come together for worship, service, education and fun! Read the July UNIverse to learn what’s happening this month and come join us!

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May 2017 UNIverse

As we approach the merry month of May, we have much to celebrate–starting with a new Director of Religious Education! Read about this happy development as well as information on our expansion plans and more ways for you to become involved at Northwest and in the broader community in this month’s UNIverse.

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April 2017 UNIverse

April wraps up our annual pledge drive and brings us several of our favorite annual traditions–the Easter Flower Communion service, Easter Egg Hunt and Easter potluck brunch! We also have a great line up of services and Second Hour programs, books, discussions and music. Read this month’s UNIverse for details!

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March 2017 UNIverse

March. It’s a demanding, commanding, opportunity-filled month. And we’re getting in position to reach out, take action and stand on the side of love. We Can’t Stop Now. As the theme of this year’s pledge drive says, we have much to do this month and a busy year before us. In the next four weeks, we will kick off the pledge drive, meet as a congregation to consider a Declaration of Conscience, weigh in on expansion plans, identify new leaders and gather together to worship, study, volunteer, discuss and have fun.

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February 2017 UNIverse

For some, the grey, cool days of February are a matter of endurance, holding on until light and warmth return in spring. This month, Northwest focuses on courage, on taking steps to celebrate and be the light ourselves through social action and to reach out to others to bring them into the warmth of community and hope. Join us on Sunday mornings as we discuss the challenges of courage and throughout the month as we express it in our actions and our programs.

“An act of courage is always an act of love.” Paulo Coelho

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January 2017 UNIverse

Happy New Year 2017

Start the new year with a moment of reflection and walk the labyrinth on Sunday, Jan. 1. Whatever your resolutions, Northwest has an opportunity (or several) that can help you meet them. Want to read more? Join the Book Groupies. Want more physical or mental exercise? Volunteer for Religious Education. We promise the kids will get you and your neurons moving! Did you recommit to civic involvement? Join us for marches (starting Jan. 21), volunteer with our Share the Plate recipients, teach English at the CAC or see what else is happening each month. Have other interests you’d like to share? Consider a Second Hour program or starting a small group ministry. Learn more about what’s available and where you can make a difference in this month’s UNIverse.

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