Ministries and Committees

Adult Learning

Marilyn Matlock & Greg Pattison

Our Fifth Source
Randy Raymond

Children and Youth

Adia Fields-Udofia 

Pastoral Care

Care Corps
Rev. Joan Armstrong-Davis


Hawk’s Hoop CUUPS
Cynthia Flot

In the Spirit
Lil Woolf

Northwest Choir
Dr. Philip Rogers

Northwest Passage Band
Jim Pearce

Worship Associates

Keith Lockhart


Kristan Wagner & Brian Freeman

Art Gallery
Helene Johnson

Bellwether Bookstore
Penny Raney

Beyond Coffee Group
Kristan Wagner

Book Groupies
Penny Raney

Events and Fundraising
John Montgomery

Charlotte Alyea

Hungry Ear Coffee House
Kester Chau

Kitchen Crew
Anne Bennett

Luunch Buunch
Larry Wallis

Senior Network
Michael & Renee Burke


Joe Keller & Jay Kiskel

Gardens and Spaces

Beryl Grall & John McManus


Dave Zenner

Dining for Women
Fran Wolff


Catalina Akins-Moore

Other Committees

Leadership Development Committee

Endowment Committee 

Mountain Mover Committee

ARAOMC Committee
Veta Tucker

Building Expansion/Steering Committee
Constance Dierickx &Kristen Fowks