Social Justice Ministry

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Justice is at the core of our faith, and our Northwest congregation is called to make a positive difference in our wider communities. We work to serve, raise awareness, and support and partner with organizations who fight injustice. We advocate, organize, and act for justice to live out the values of our faith.

Our social justice efforts call us to break down divisions, heal isolation, and honor the interconnectedness of all life. We strive to model these commitments by creating a just, welcoming, and inclusive congregation. We act in partnership with groups and communities most affected by injustice through our monthly Share the Plate contributions and programming, as well as other on-going and planned projects. 

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Work with our community partners, including the Community Assistance Center, the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, and Pride Atlanta
  • Participate in our local chapter of Dining for Women
  • Suggest recipients for Share the Plate 

Contact the Committee

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