Trans Inclusion
One of my favorite things about preaching on transgender issues, is that inevitably folks from the congregation let me know
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Louis Robinson with his UK Band - Green Ginger
11/3: Louis Robinson with his UK Band – Green Ginger, PLUS a special performance by Singer-Songwriter, Pat Walsh
Louis Robinson and Green Ginger: Green Ginger have been together for over 45 years! During the early and mid 1970’s
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A Parable on Privilege
Our homily this morning comes from the Promise and the Practice, a set of writings from Black Lives of UU
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NW Expansion Floor Plans and Perspectives
Northwest members and friends, Please see the latest pdf plans and perspectives, given a thumbs up by the Steering Committee
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Tikkun Olam
When I graduated from college, my then-partner and I moved to Turkey, to the capital city of Ankara. We had
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Why Anti-Racism Is Important
Each year at our Unitarian Universalist General Assembly in June, one of the major events is called the Ware Lecture.
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The Power of Deceleration
I played basketball when I was growing up. 7th grade Jonathan had many of the traits you see now, with
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hungry ear coffee house concerts
10/6 – Carol Statella & Ron Hipp (Out of the Rain) Plus Songwriters in the Round
Hungry Ear Coffee House is proud to present: Carol Statella & Ron Hipp (Out of the Rain) Plus Songwriters in
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Repentance and Atonement
These homilies are part of the materials provided by Black Lives of UU in “The Promise and the Practice” Homily
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