Social Justice

Social Justice at Northwest

Justice is at the core of our faith. Our Northwest congregation is called to make a positive difference in our wider communities. We work to serve, raise awareness, and support and partner with organizations who fight injustice. We advocate, organize, and act for justice to live out the values of our faith.

We have a legacy of “deeds not creeds.” Our work for a better world calls us to harness love’s power to stop oppression. From grassroots community organizing to interfaith state, national and corporate advocacy; in protest marches, prayer vigils and press conferences; in homeless shelters and in prisons, we seek to put our faith into action.

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Our social justice efforts call us to break down divisions, heal isolation, and honor the interconnectedness of all life. We strive to model these commitments by creating a just, welcoming, and inclusive congregation. We act in partnership with groups and communities most affected by injustice. 


Northwest’s Social Justice ministry focuses on:

  • Economic justice
  • Environmental justice
  • Immigrant justice
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender justice
  • Racial justice
  • Reproductive rights
  • Voting rights

Our ministry includes service, education, advocacy, and public witness. We find inspiration in the Siding with Love campaign which harnesses the power of love to end oppression.

Organizations We Support

We partner with:

  • Community Assistance Center to provide compassionate assistance to our less fortunate neighbors in Sandy Springs and Dunwoody by providing financial support, helping to meet basic needs and promoting self-reliance through various programs.
  • Dining For Women to make a meaningful difference for women and girls living in extreme poverty in developing countries.
  • Moral Monday Georgia to take our causes to local decision makers such as the Georgia legislature and community leaders.
  • Atlanta Pride Parade to defend the rights of the LGBTQ community.
  • West Atlanta Watershed Alliance to honor the earth and to promote environmental justice.
  • Select nonprofit groups through our monthly “Share the Plate” program. These groups are invited to present their mission and activities to our congregation during our adult learning time.

Service Opportunities

If you have a particular passion for good that you want to spearhead, we’re here to support you! If you want to join in existing projects, we have activities for all ages, skills, and energy levels. Choose what works for your time and passion.

Northwest Social Justice in the News

Read about our continuing social justice activities in the wider community.

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