Children and Youth

Religious Education

Our Mission Statement

To provide our cTwo children side by side with butterflies painted on their faces.hildren and youth a welcoming and safe community that encourages the development of the tools and ability to make confident choices based on Unitarian Universalist principles.

  • Each and every person is important.
  • All people should be treated fairly and kindly.
  • We should accept one another and keep on learning together.
  • Each person must be free to search for what is true and right in life.
  • All persons should have a vote about things that concern them.
  • We work for a world of peace, fairness and freedom.
  • We respect and care for all parts of planet earth.

Religious Co-Existence

Coexist - AnimatedOur Unitarian Universalist Religious Education program is designed to make our children religiously literate.

Our children learn the beliefs of world’s major religions and develop an appreciation that divine inspiration is not restricted to a single book.

In a world increasingly filled with accusations and counter-accusations, UU children may be our most promising hope of religious co-existence.

What Happens on Sunday

Our children start each Sunday attending our services in the Sanctuary. They enjoy special Story Wisdom, followed by the congregation singing them out to a song some of our children helped to create with the help of our directors of music and religious education.

They go next door for Religious Education in our Religious Education building called the Chalice House.

At 11:30 am, activity time begins unless there is special programming for the entire congregation.


Religious Education Program

At Northwest, we believe that learning is a gift we can enjoy throughtout our lives.  To share this gift, we have designed learning programs for our children and teens.

  • Toddlers and infants have their own nursery and play area with supervision provided by paid and volunteer staff in our main sanctuary building.
  • For our Pre-K through 8th grade children, our Religious Education (RE) program provides them opportunities to explore. Using many Sources for learning, Unitarian Universalist (UU) Religious Education helps children find grounding and connection with ethics, faith, spirit, and UU identity.
  • Our High School youth group meets on Sunday mornings from 10 to 12 noon. They have a time for check in, worship, business and fun. They also participate on multiple social justice projects.

We offer formal religious educational program September – July. During the summer months, we offer other fun activities during the Sunday service.

How Do I Register My Children in the Religious Education Program?

After you have visited our congregation and if you would like to register your children in our Religious Education program, please complete these enrollment forms.

Religious Education Curriculum

Tapestry of faith logo
Our overall religious education program is based on the curriculum called Tapestry of Faith. This curriculum, developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association, is a broad religious education program with resources for all ages.