Gardens and Spaces Ministry

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The Gardens and Spaces Ministry team maintains our five-acre “home in the woods” as an inviting and environmentally sustainable refuge for those seeking a place a peace, social engagement, and spiritual growth.

From Northwest’s Vision Statement:

  • Northwest will improve our buildings and grounds so that we can have better space for fellowship and worship.
  • Our congregation is deeply rooted in our current location; we will care for and improve our space so that we can thrive here.

We have several exciting on-going and planned projects that will continue to enhance our meeting space and educational facilities. Get a little exercise, make a contribution, and help us build community as well as great spaces!

Volunteer Opportunities

  • 2nd Saturday Work Days
  • Weekly landscaping
  • Holiday decorating
  • As-needed maintenance and repairs
  • Special Projects

Contact the Ministry

Please email and Beryl Grall-Petty will contact you soon.