October 22, 10 am: The Thing You Never Knew You Had

The word “privilege” is used a great deal in current conversation, but what does it mean? Is privilege some tangible moment or series of moments in our lives? Is it something we may have in one area of our lives, but not another? Perhaps the best definition of privilege is, in the words of one man, “the thing I never knew I had.” Let’s gather together and explore what can be a difficult topic, but one that is absolutely necessary to explore as we move through the world with one another.

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October 1, 10 am: Called to This Faith (Installation of Directors of Music and Religious Education)

Religious Education for Northwest children and youth is a special ministry . . . and we are fortunate that Christina Branum-Martin feels called to serve as our Director of Religious Education! Join us for this special service as we officially “install” Christina in her role and we are reminded of the reasons why we are all called to this faith.

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August 27, 10 am: “Miss-iss-i-ppi” – Ingathering and Water Appreciation Sunday (All Ages Service)

The mighty Mississippi River has flowed through the lives of countless people for thousands of years, and its history includes stories of pain and promise. This past June, over 4,000 Unitarian Universalists added to these stories as we came together in New Orleans and recommitted ourselves to ending white supremacy in all of its forms.

Join us for our annual “ingathering” and water appreciation service as we explore Mississippi River stories of struggle and hope and begin our 2017-18 program year together.

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