Care Corps

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Pastoral care needs can arise for all ages, therefore our Care Corps is vital to our congregation. The pastoral care work is led by the Community Minister, Rev. Joan Armstrong-Davis, in conjunction with Rev. Misha Sanders and the capable Care Corps members.  The committee and ministers make phone calls, regular home visits and hospital visitations as needed. They are available to help with some medical transportation and to arrange some meal deliveries.

If you have a joy or sorrow you would like to have shared in the UNIverse please email or contact Lil Woolf.

Volunteer Opportunities

To volunteer to be part of the Care Corps please contact Rev Joan Armstrong-Davis.


ages If you are going through difficult times, would like emotional support, or are in any situation where support and caring are needed, please contact Rev. Misha Sanders, Rev. Joan Armstrong-Davis, Maria Drinkard, Karen Edmonds, Linton Hopkins, Valerie Johnson, or Lil Woolf.