UUCA – Report, Long Range Planning Jan 30, 1967 (Central City Project)

Unitarian Universalist Congregation
To: Long Range Planning Committee
From: Program Study Committee
Subject: Central City Project

The Program Study Committee met on January 30, 1967 to consider possible program for the proposed Central City Project. The objective of the project was to serve the central city area and to reduce growth pressure by drawing some members from the present church. Several locations for the project had been previously investigated by the Growth Committee.

Two possible projects were considered:

  1. A 7-day a week operation Which would serve the church members as well as provide a base for such social service activities as day care, information center, reading room, anti-poverty programs, etc.
  2. A 1-day a week site for church service and a 7-day a week site for all social service activities.

The Program Study Committee strongly urged that the social service :activities not be tied into the problem of providing a solution to the growth of the congregation. While the committee felt such service activities had merit and should be encouraged, this was thought to be the responsibility of the entire congregation and not to be assigned to a particular group.

7-day a week operation: Assuming that monies were available, it was the opinion of the committee that if such an undertaking were to be sucessful it should offer the same type of program which has proven so successful here, such as Sunday service, evening adult programs, mother’s day out, etc.

Staff: Some professional service would be required if the project was to truly be a 7-day a week operation, a permanent staff assistant or perhaps a resident couple.
Committees: Recommend the formation of a steering committee composed of members attending the off-campus project.
Present standing committees of the church would serve the off-campus project as well at the start.

Sunday Service: The same types of full adult and RE services as proposed for the mid-week meeting (minus supper) would also apply here. At the outset the adult and RE programs should be much like that being held at present but should represent the wishes of the attendees.

1-day a week operation:
Staff: Other than an increased demand on present ministerial services and staff, no specific staff assignment.


January 22,1967

Functions and objectives

A To serve central-city area and to reduce growth pressure by drawing some members from present church by providing a full Sunday program of religious education for children and a Sunday-morning service for adults.

B To serve the central-city residents by providing a variety of activities and services on week days such as the following:

  • Day care
  • Information center–government and agency services available Reading room, bookshop, music room
  • Head Start or other similar anti-poverty programs

C Possible long-term objective: Sponsorship of racially integrated low-and/or middle-income housing.

General Location 

A “10th Street Area” — to serve Georgia Tech, art & drama groups, Ansley Park residents, minority group residents south of North Avene

B “Downtown” — to serve same group as above plus Atlanta University complex plus southside suburbs

Specific Location of Concentrated Attention

The area bounded by 14th Street on the North, Charles Allen Drive on the east, Ponce de Leon Avenue on the South, and Spring Street as the west.

Specific Possibilities 

A For 7-day a week operation

1 Address: 65 11th Street, NE

Description: Completely redecorated (including carpets and drapes) residence between the Peachtrees ideally suited to variety of activities; has approximately 12 rooms of varying sizes plus meeting room with small kitchen (720 sq ft); 1st & 2nd floors sole tenant); limited parking

Size: 4500 sq ft

Cost: $983 per month – $11,600 per year including utilities and cleaning

2 Address: 685 N Peachtree, NE

Description: Ground floor on commercial property (about 10 years o1d) with excellent “church” floor plan — 1200 sq ft meeting room plus 7-8 classrooms or offices with good “store-front” possibilities; parking on weekdays but unlimited. parking on Sundays

Site: 3800 sq ft

Cost: $950 per month – $11,400 per year w/ utilities and cleaning

3 Address: 700 block, N Peachtree

Description: 2nd floor of commercial property used as private school; would require some redecorating; “cold” appearance: limited parking Size: 4500 sq ft

Cost: $650 per month – $7800

Report of Central City Project Subcommittee, Sheet 2

Specific Possibilities (cont)

A For 7-day a week operation (cunt)

4 5th Street, NE

Description: Older house remodeled into small offices; poor meeting room facilities; limited parking

Size: 3000 sq ft

Cost: $300 per month – $3600 per year

5 Address: Piedmont & Ponce de Leon

Description: Congregational Church and other deteriorated property Size: Undetermined

Cost: For sale or lease; sale price $200,000

B    For 1-day a week operation

1 Address: 17th & Peachtree, NE

Description: High Museum; 350-seat auditorium plus temporary

classroom facilities

Size: Undetermined

Cost: $75 per day max

2 Address: 18th & Spring St, NW

Description: Spring Street School; public school facilities Size: Undetermined

Cost: $50 per month (estimated)

3 Address: 659 Peachtree, NE

Description: Georgian Terrace Hotel: meeting room and classrooms

Size: Undetermined

Cost: Undetermined

4 Address: 573 W Peachtree, NE

Description: Life Insurance Co of Georgia; auditorium

Size: Undetermined Cost: Undetermined


A Exclusively from church budget

B    By subleasing office space. Note: Southeast Region of UUA currently rents approximately 250 sq ft for $135 per month: with approval of UUA board it would be willing to lease office space from the Church.

Decisions We Must Make

A Specific objectives – 1-day vs 7-day a week services

B    Financial limits

C Area we intend to serve



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