UUCA – Report, Long Range Planning Feb 07, 1967 (Central City Project)


Report of February 7, 1967

In accordance with the instructions of the Long-range Planning Committee, the Central City Project Committee of the Growth Committee has investigated facilities for Sunday-only operations as well as for weekdays-only services. It was felt in this way that total rental costs could be reduced over those required to provide both functions under one roof.

A search of the area agreed upon (bound by Spring Street, 14th St, Charles Allen Drive, and Ponce de Leon Avenue) revealed two possible facilities. These were:

Spring Street School. Located at 1404 Spring St, NW at 17th Street, the school is just beyond the northern boundary of the area selected. The school is well-suited to our needs. According to Dr Cook, regional superintendent, it is definitely available. The cost would be comparable to Clark Howell School. To determine the exact cost, we should secure an estimate form from the school and state our exact requirements. It, is estimated the rent would not be in excess of $500 per year.

Biltmore Hotel. Located at 817 West Peachtree, N. the Biltmore is well within the area selected A large meeting room is available at $50 per Sunday. Small, rooms on the mezzanine and on the 10th floor would be available at $10 to $20) per room. It is believed that if we made a package offer. the cost. per Sunday would be in the neighborhood of 4101.

Of the above two facilities, the Spring Street School is clearly to be preferred. Although the Biltmore was willing to guarantee space every Sunday, they would not guarantee the same space.

Facilities for weekdays only would range in cost from $75 per month for 300 sq ft on a second floor to $250 per month for 800 Sq ft in a high-quality commercial building. Both figures include all utilities and cleaning.

In general, if we were to insist on ground-floor space, we would probably have to rent 800 to 1000 sq ft or more on a 3-year lease.

The amount of space required would, of course, be a function of the services the church intended to provide.   Reading room and a service or information desk could probably be provided with 300 sq ft. If the church were to participate in Project Head Start or other similar programs, on the order of 300 sq ft would be required.

An excellent possibility would be property at 1036 Peachtree St, NE. Rent would be $75 to $99 per month. This would be a second-floor location in very good condition. Other tenants of the building include Atlanta Arts Council, Atlanta Council of Churches, and League of Woman Voters. Space would be in the vicinity of 300 sq. ft.

When our requirements are clearly defined, suitable quarter should readily


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