Unitarian Conference Opening Session – 1886

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) · Fri, Sep 24, 1886 · Page 1

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) · Fri, Sep 24, 1886 · Page 1

Papers Read Before the Conference at Saratoga.

Saratoga, N. Y.. September 23.—The opening session of the Unitarian conference this morning was devoted to general remarks. The anti-saloon and a white cross movements were commended. A resolution was offered requesting congress to obtain material statistics in regard to marriage and divorce, which was referred to the business committee. The following officers were elected:

President, Samuel F. Miller of Washington; vice-presidents John D. Long, Higham, Mass.; George McCaray, Dallas City; Dorman B. Eaton, New York. Daniel L. Sharey, Chicago; Horace Davis, San Francisco, and George E. Adams, Chicago. Secretary, Russell N. Bellows, New York, and treasurer, William Howell Read, Boston. William B.

Weeden, of Providence, read a paper on,”Arbitration and its Relation to Strikes.” He severely arraigned the Knights of Labor for the tactics put in force by their organization.

Carroll D. Wright, of Boston, read a paper on “The present actual condition of the-workingman.”

The afternoon session was devoted to the discussion of the subject, “The use and abuse of alcohol and tobacco.”

Judge Robert C. Pitman read a paper on “The attitude of the church toward the dramshops.”

Dr. Francis Minat, of Boston, read a paper on “The effect of alcoholic beverages on health.’

The evening session was devoted to three essays on the general subject of “Religious Education.” Rev. Joseph May, of Philadelphia,  read a paper on “The Influences of Home.” Rev. Brook Herrford, of Boston, contributed an essay on “The Church,” and Rev. Seth C. Beach, of Dedham, Mass., one on The Sunday school.

Note: This conference was attended by the Rev. G.L. Chaney, pastor The Church of our Father, Atlanta, GA

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) · Fri, Sep 24, 1886 · Page 1
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